Total population
About 38 million
Regions with significant populations
Mikuni-Hulstria 38 million
Hulstro-Mikun, Kunikata, Hulstrian
Tenshism, Kamism, Daenism, Hosianism
Related ethnic groups
Kunihito, Hulstrians

The Hulstro-Showans (Hulstro-Mikun: ハルストロー・ショーワー, Harusutorō Shōwā) are an ethnic group indigenous to the nation of Mikuni-Hulstria. Originally lower class Dundorfic settlers from the Colonial era who ended up so far down the button of Hulstria's class system they ended up living alongside the Gao-Showan peasantry, these are people who have been intermarrying and living with Gao-Showans for so long that they ceased to be "mix-race" and became a community in their own right. They are the source of the Hulstro-Mikun language, which has traditionally been seen as vulgar slang or a inferior dialect. Traditionally proletarian and/or rural, the Hulstro-Showans have gradually come into the mainstream over the long centuries.

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