Hunticist Church

Hunticist Cross

TypeHunticist Hosian
Theistic philosophyMonotheistic
Supreme divinityElyon
Major PantheonElias
Major ProphetsElias
GovernanceCouncil of Calatia
BibliocognitorisBibliocognitoris Rexii II
HeadquartersTriarium, Selucia
Separated fromAurorian Patriarchal Church
Liturgical languageSelucian language
Members31.5 million
TemplesGreat Bibliothecaecclesia of Corgana, Great Bibliothecaecclesia of Calatia, Great Bibliothecaecclesia of Augusta

Hunticism is a sect of Hosianism that believes that the Hosian holy books are mostly metaphors for more scientific forces. Started in 3941 by Hunticcus the philosopher in Selucia, the religion has a large following in Selucia and smaller communities elsewhere .

History of LeadersEdit

- Bibliocognitoris Hunticcus (3941-3973)

- Bibliocognitoris Augustus I (3973-3996)

- Bibliocognitoris Josius (3996-4030)

- Bibliocognitoris Rexii I (4030-4055)

- Bibliocognitoris Dedesos (4055-4073)

- Bibliocognitoris Seius (4073-4095)

- Bibliocognitoris Augustus II (4095-4114)

- Bibliocognitoris Junius (4114-4150)

- Bibliocognitoris Deccus (4150-4177)

- Bibliocognitoris Rexii II (4177-Current)


The Ideology of Hunticism is that all but the existence of Eliyahu in Hosianism is to a degree metaphorical. Elyon and the Devil are therefore the worldly forces of good and bad respectively. Heaven and hell less a place, but more a state of mind after death.

The Church believe that Elyon and the Devil are spiritual forces, not 'people' and that Heaven and Hell are forms of meditation of the psyche after death. They believe Eliyahu is meditating in a hiding place.

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