Purge of the Imperial Citizens Party or simply the ICP Purge was a removal of many prominent members of the Imperial Citizens Party who had plotted to overthrow Shaela Reichert from the position of General Secretary.

Context Edit

Ever since the death of Franz Reichert and the end of the Daeva Cabinet II, the Imperial Citizens Party had been on a steady decline and had mostly been able to just get around 10% in the general elections. This with the poor Imperatorial results Shaela Reichert had received gave some members of the party the doubt of her abilities to lead the ICP to prominence and wished to replace her with either one of her cousins, Edward Daeva or Lyra Daeva, or with her son Casval Reichert. These plans where however foiled when one of the conspirators informed Edward Daeva about the plot and that he should be the one to lead it, Daeva instead went directly to Shaela Reichert and told her about the conspiracy. She then summoned a 5th Party Congress from the 15 to 20 September, during this congress she revealed the conspiracy to the party and denounced it as treacherous and irresponsible for the stability of the party if they wish to govern the nation in the future. Almost with a unanimous vote, the conspirators were expelled from the party indefinitely.

Main conspirators Edit

  • Emelie Brunswick: (former Minister of Infrastructure and Transport twice, former Minister of Justice and the Third Secretary of the ICP)
  • Charles Bates: (former Minister of Environment and Tourism)
  • Elias Cunnington: (Minister of Science and Technology and member of the General Committee of the ICP)
  • Eric Carlsen: (former Minister of Internal Affairs, former Minister of Health and Social Services)
  • Christopher Cameron: (member of the General Committee of the ICP)
  • Catherine High: (Speaker of the Citizens Congress of the ICP)
  • Nicholas Fredricson: (former Minister of Food and Agriculture thrice and the Second Secretary of the ICP)
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