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The IUPU & Anti IUPU Union War was an international conflict.

Beginning of the Anti-IUPU and IUPU War Edit

Based on reports from the leadership of the International Unity Party Union IUPU, it appears that, in May 4174, the United Nations Terra (UNT) made a declaration of war against the IUPU.

July 4175 - 6 Anti-IUPU Union fighter craft were sent to a small unprotected town in the south west in Valruzia. Up to about 4,000 people were killed and the Fighter craft managed to get away.

In response the IUPU is sending it's military fleets and air craft to stop any further threats! and will stay just out of Aldegar waters. By August 4175 Aldegar will officially join the Anti-IUPU Union. Any military leaving Aldegar after August 4175 will be attacked and it will be officially at war with the International Unity Party Union IUPU and all it's allies!


UNT and IUPU War


Anti-IUPU Union and IUPU War


August 4175




International Unity Party Union (IUPU) The Liberal, Conservative, and Moderate alliance for unity, Valruzian Empire, Baltusia, Istalia, Soviet Socialist Republic of Deltaria, Federal Republic of Mordusia, Federal Republic of Endralon, Free State of Malivia, Unholy Davostag Empire, United Republic of Dundorf,

Anti-IUPU Union Pādshāhi-ye Amjad-e Aldegār


David Prydain, Alan McDougall

Abbas Erbhet of Aldegar

The IUPU military barricade will be made of:
Unit Type Number
Aircraft carriers 20
Amphibious attack ships 50
Assault submarines 80
Anti mines 45
Frigates 65
Landing vessels 50
Destroyers 135
Cruisers 65
 Corvette 80
Patrol Vessels 400
Missile Submarines 370
Helicopters 920
Tanker Aircraft 70
Surveillance Aircraft 50
Drones 3,000
Bomber Planes 250
Tra nsport Aircraft 45
Fighter Aircraft 1880
Troops 750,000
Tanks 17,500
Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) 37,500
Self Propelled Guns (SPGs) 16,000
Towed Artillery 6,400
Multiple Launch Rocket Systems 7,700
  • Anti-IUPU - IUPU WAR map 4175

In October 4175 - Valruzian air forces today conducted a series of air strikes on an Aldegar military base at the eastern side of the country.

The attack severely damaged the buildings around the base and killed several Aldegerian soldiers.

In January 4176 the International Unity Party Union IUPU and Anti-IUPU Union were officially at war!


A 5 year cease fire was signed between the IUPU and Anti-IUPU Union on January 4176. Th

e Cease fire will end on January 4181.

In December 4176 the Trigunian Republic left the International Unity Party Union IUPU. The reason being, aggression with Aldegar. And even all the International Unity Party Union IUPU ''reckless and pointless military Alliance''


In February 4177 Royaume Sacré d'Alduri left the International Unity Party Union IUPU, for unknown reasons.

Baltusia left the International Unity Party Union IUPU in 4177 for not wanting to be in the war.

Aldegār Nationalist PartyEdit

The Aldegār Nationalist Party founded the Anti-IUPU Union and the United Nations Terra (UNT). It was also responsible for the Valruzia Civil war in 4092 - 4122. The party founded and funded the Communist faction. Later it was responsible for the tension between Valruzia and Mordusia. Then the party tried to take out Valruzia and Baltusia in the Valruzia-Aldegar tensions. Where they would take the royal throne of Baltusia, and would have control over Valruzia! The Party also wanted the International Unity Party Union IUPU destroyed but this also failed.

The Aldegār Nationalist Party then made the United Nations Terra to build power.And the made the Anti-IUPU Union. The Anti-IUPU Union has 20 party members at the start. Then It had Aldegar at a nation member. Making it grow many times in power!

It's non-Cannon Edit

Due to some players taking the RP/Role Play not seriously, the International Unity Party Union IUPU put a veto on all RP/Role Play in the war.

This comes as the Anti-IUPU Union was playing unfairly and not abiding by game rules!

  • Messaging players not to do with the RP to execute or ban opposition
  • Making an massive military so fast it's unrealistic. I.e within 3 years 10,000,000 troops were made with no evidence other than description page and claiming it.
  • Spamming players to leave the IUPU organization.
  • Spamming players to have their nations withdraw from the IUPU.
  • Spamming players to join their side and make events up that never happened. I.e ''The IUPU has invaded nations and forced them to join'' - Liberal Democrats of the Anti-IUPU Union
  • Dragging nations and players into the conflit that don't want part of it! Baltusia & Valruzia!
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