Iglesia Mayor
Federal City
Iglesia Mayor Federal City
Iglesia Mayor
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Nickname(s): City of History, Flowers, & Royalty
CountryDranianFederationFlag Dankuk
Population Abt. 9,750,000

Iglesia Mayor, officially the Iglesia Mayor Federal City, is the judicial capital and the third largest city of Dankuk. The metro area of the city has about 13.7 million inhabitants.

The city is at the core of the Universal Church of Terra, being considered a holy site of the religion. During the reign of the House of Santiago, Iglesia Mayor was also home to the monarchy.



Iglesia Mayor in 2000.

There is few information about the city's history before the 2000s, because all according data has been destroyed when the National Archive burned down in two years before the turn of the century. Most of Iglesia Mayor's traditional architecture was lost during a wildfire in 2100, and the government decided to rebuild it in a modern style. Only the districts around the old port were restored in their traditional style. The city underwent a rapid economic development until 3000, when its population hit a peak with 9 million inhabitants.


Iglesia Mayor around 2950


The business districts of Iglesia Mayor at night

Government & Politics Edit

Today, Iglesia Mayor serves as the judicial capital of the Dankuk. In the past, the city long served as the national capital of the Republic of Dranland and is home to many former governmental buildings. One of the most prominent of these buildings was the Government Palace, built in 2609, which was the residence of the Taoiseach and contained the offices of all ministries. In August 3780 the Government Palace was destroyed during violent unrest.

The city was also once the seat of the Dranish Parliament, which was blown up by terrorists in the 3560s.

Government's Palace, former residence of the Taoiseach.

Voters in Iglesia Mayor tend to support independent candidates, such as incumbent mayor Francisco Mendez, who held this position since 3212. The city council (50 seats) is dominated by Independents as well.

Mayors of the 32nd/33rd Centuries Edit

  • William Ridley (3200 - 3207)
  • Carlos Riquelme (3207 - 3220)
  • Albert Trevor (3220 - 3230)
  • Ronald Portman (3230 - 3285)
  • Roberto Finchelli (3285 - 3300)
  • Frank Jordell (3300 - 3312)
  • Francisco Mendez (3312 - ???)

Points of Interest Edit

Iglesia Mayor features a number of museums, theatres and operas which provide high-class entertainment to inhabitants and tourists.
Royal palace santiago

Royal Palace of Santiago

The National Football Stadium is also situated in Iglesia Mayor. The city has a number of world-class hotels. It also has a vast number of Shopping Malls, especially in the business districts.

The Royal Palace of Santiago is located in the centre of old town named "Baruzzian". It is a very old building built in 2198 by very famous architect Fernando Ergedon (d.2199). On the outskirts of the city is the village of Guederone, home to the first monarch of the House of Santiago.

Education Edit


The famous First Dranian Private University (FPDU)

Iglesia Mayor is the location of five universities:

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