Imperatorian Guard
Active 16 March 4629–1 September 4633
Country Holy Luthorian Empire
Allegiance Imperator, Imperial Citizens Party, Holy Luthorian Empire
Type Paramilitary, Militia
Role Government bodyguard, Security force
Size 15,000
Part of Imperial Citizens Party
Garrison/HQ Imperial Palace, ICP Headquarters
Motto The Empire or Death!
Colors      Crimson
General Secretary Franz Reichert
Imperator Franz Reichert
Grand Captain Marc Gallus

The Imperatorian Guard was the elite security force of the Imperator and the official paramilitary of the Imperial Citizens Party. The primary purpose of the Guard was to protect the Holy Luthorian Empire and its Imperator.

History Edit

Formation Edit

The idea of a paramilitary force was first introduced when the Holy Luthori Church proposed to the Imperial Diet the formation of the National Defence Forces[1]. In the proposition, only government approved paramilitary groups were allowed, the Imperial Citizens Party, who at the time led the government took the opportunity to form the Imperatorian Guard, who later on became an institutionalized organization[2], still led by the ICP.

National crisis Edit

During the 4629 Youk Protests called by the largest opposition party, the Communist Party of Luthori in the city of Youk, the government sent in the National Defence Forces, primarily, the Holy Guard and the Imperatorian Guard who brutally cracked down on them, some even call it a massacre with regard to how many died during the event.

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