Imperial Citizens Party
the Moderate Right
Abbreviation ICP
General Secretary Shaela Reichert
Standing Committee General Committee
Founder Franz Reichert
Founded 28 July 4621
Split from National Democratic Alliance
Preceded by National Rally for Imperial Restoration
Headquarters Horncastle, Middenriding, Holy Luthorian Empire
Newspaper Empire for All
Student wing Imperial Students
Youth wing Young Citizens
Women's wing Imperial Women
Paramilitary Imperatorian Guard (banned from 4633)
Membership -
Ideology National Democracy,

Luthorian Nationalism, National Conservatism, Social Conservatism Economic Nationalism, Monarchism, Authoritarianism

Political position Right-wing to far-right
International affiliation Identity and Democracy,

Anti-Communist League, Right Coalition, New Monarchist Party

Colours      Crimson
Slogan All Hail the Empire!
Imperial Diet
76 / 600
Duchies Held
0 / 5
Cabinet Positions
0 / 13
Party flag
ICP Flag

Politics of Luthori
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Imperial Citizens Party (abbreviated and referred to as ICP, the party officially campaigns as the Moderate Right) is a national democratic, national-conservative and right-wing populist political party in Luthori, they are as well a member of the Identity and Democracy (IaD). ICP's main goal is to protect the Empire they successfully restored in 4622. Its precursor, the National Democratic Alliance, existed from 4605 to 4621, and before them existed the National Rally for Imperial Restoration from 4582 to 4605.

The party was founded in 4621 by the political veteran, Franz Reichert as the main national-democratic movement. It was formed from the centre-right faction of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA). In April 4622, ICP successfully restored the Empire they had for so long fought for. The party became the second largest in the 4623 election, while Franz Reichert won the Office of the Imperator. Imperial Citizens Party formed a government with far-right Patriots Party and the White Rose, while obtaining the confidence and supply from the Social Democratic Party. Edward Daeva served as Prime Minister, from 4624 to 4632 under the Daeva I and Daeva II, the Holy Luthori Church replaced the White Rose during the second cabinet.

The party programme is dominated by the Reichert's nationalist and authoritarian agenda. It has embraced economic interventionism, while maintaining a socially conservative stance that in 4631 moved towards the Luthori Church.

ICP is a national democratic and pro-empire party, organized on the basis of Citizenship Thought. This principle, explored by Franz Reichert, entails the elevation of the nation's citizens and their right to freedom and their priority over other peoples. This does not however justify the right to look down or discriminate against others, but that ones own simply should be prioritized.

History Edit

Founding Edit

The party was founded by Franz Reichert and the centre-right faction of the National Democratic Alliance on the 28 July 4621. During all of July tensions grew between the centre-right and centre-left factions of the NDA, fueled by right-wing parties pressuring the centre-right to break away. But because of the internal conflict on the 'NDA-07: Imperial Restoration'[1] bill the party at last split up with the centre-left leaving first and creating the Social Democratic Party which was later followed by the centre-right breaking away.

The origin of the party can be found in 4582 with the creation of the National Rally for Imperial Restoration. The NRIR had as a goal to restore the Empire and protect it, which their long term successor, the ICP, eventually did. The NRIR was led by Franz Reichert ever since its formation until its end in 4605 when it merged with the Social Democrat Party to form the National Democratic Alliance. The NDA led yet again by Reichert, lasted until 4621 when the tensions between the two factions of the party broke down, resulting in the former NRIR part of the NDA splitting and creating the Imperial Citizens Party.

Restoration Conflict Edit

The conflict within the NDA caused the largest debate around the restoration of the monarchy in the Republic's history. The Holy Luthori Church and the White Rose set up a Restoration Commission with all the parties in the Diet to voice their vision of the monarchy. Both the centre-left and centre-right factions were monarchists but the centre-left wanted to establish a hereditary monarchy at the moment of the restoration, while the centre-right wanted to establish an elective monarchy with an increase of a 5 year term as a temporary solution until a true Royal family can take the throne. This conflict boiled over to the other parties in the Imperial Diet, causing a division in the monarchist parties, though the majority of them had the same idea as the centre-right faction of an elective monarchy temporarily.

Franz Reichert era (4621 - 4632) Edit

The ICP launched its first bill in August 4621 right after its formation, that bill being the [2] 'ICP-01: National Security Act', this bill wishes to see the military taking charge as a de-facto police force, this bill was quickly supported by the Holy Luthori Church and the White Rose because of the recent closeness between the three in the "Restoration Conflict".

The same month the former centre-left faction; now known as the Social Democratic Party reached out to the ICP in which the SDP would support an Elective Monarchy without the increase of the 5 year term, this approach by the SDP was the result of a lot of heavy debate in the Restoration Commission and it is believed that the SDP understood the necessity to take it one step at a time. The ICP quickly started drawing up the 'ICP-02: Imperial Restoration' bill and proceeded to put it on a vote.

Imperial Restoration Edit

On the 1 April 4622, Franz Reichert's and the ICP's bill known as the [3] 'ICP-02: Imperial Restoration' passed the Imperial Diet and became official. This bill was the party's greatest success and achievement in 40 years. Though the ICP hadn't even existed for a year before the restoration its founders have fought for it ever since the creation of the National Rally for Imperial Restoration in 4582 and the National Democratic Alliance in 4605. Because of the enormous support for the monarchy, Reichert is now celebrated as the 'Restorator of the Empire'.

The bill officially dissolved the Republic of Luthori and in its formed a new Holy Luthorian Empire under the guidance of an Imperator elected directly by the people.

Involvement in the Diet Coup Edit

The Ministry of Justice led by the Fourth Secretary of the ICP; Augustina Storminger proposed the [4] 'Government Bill: HIC/CoJ-01' in July 4622. The bill gives the police the power to arrest any citizens for any reason and that every person has the right to appeal to the Minister of Justice to have a judgement reviewed by another court. This bill was met with criticism from the opposition but was supported by the government, until the 4622 Diet Coup Attempt. This attempt led to the collapse of the Holy Imperial Cabinet II. The Office of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Internal Affair spoke with the Ministry of Justice in secret of a plan to remove the revived CPL and the separatist PGP from the Imperial Diet. This coup failed with the SDP resigning from all of their cabinet posts, following with the ICP meeting in an emergency congress (2nd Party Congress) to discuss this attempt and ICP's position in the Holy Imperial Cabinet. The Congress decided to not back down from its position on its government bills but would resign from their cabinet posts as well. The Congress also decided that the General Committee would interrogate Augustina Storminger for her participation in the coup. The Committee decided to release almost everything of her testimony:

"I was informed by the Office of the Prime Minister that such an plan as this attempt was going to be carried out. I decided to act as I had been ordered to by the ICP General Committee, and that was to obey the Head of Government and follow cabinet decisions... so I did. I did not inform the ICP Secretariat and General Committee of my planning of action as I should had done and I am very sorry for that."

After that the Grand Secretariat decided to suspend Storminger from the party for 5 months. The Citizens Congress added the party policy that if a minister from the ICP has received orders or intends to do something that can shake the whole political landscape they must inform the Grand Secretariat, the General Committee and a newly formed Party Security Bureau who will handle the security issues that can hurt the party like this one. The ICP then formally apologized to the CPL and the PGP for ICP's unfortunate involvement in the event.

Daeva Cabinets Edit

Daeva Cabinet I (4624 - 4628)

The party reached its highest number after the 4623 election and was able to secure the Office of the Imperator for Franz Reichert. In 4624 after loosing the Office of the Imperator, the ICP formed the Daeva Cabinet I with the Patriots Party and the White Rose, as well as the Social Democratic Party acting as confidence and supply. During this cabinet in 4626, the Social Democratic Party deliberately did so the first three out of four government bills didn't pass the Imperial Diet. The reason for this is that the SDP demanded an increase in the spending for education, which was later given to them after discussions between the SDP and the PP in the 'Economic Commission for Increase of Education Funding'.

It was also attempted to try to reform the Constitutional Court in to a completely independent agency, this however failed as different parties had their own vision for the Court. The reforming was discussed in the 'Committee for the Reforming of the Constitutional Court'. The same year in 4626, Nicholas Fredricson, on the behalf of the ICP, asked the Holy Luthori Church to become the Confidence and Supply for the cabinet as it was viewed that the SDP was an unstable partner, this was accepted by them.

In mid August 4626, trade unions went out on strikes in opposition to the government's cut in budget for Health and Social Services so they could fund the education increase the SDP wanted. These strikes is known as the General Strikes of 4626 - 4627. The government responded that brute force would be forced on them if the strikes wouldn't be called off. The government came up with an idea, that being to take Health and Social Services hostage, meaning that if the strikes weren't called off, the government would decrease funding for Health and Social Services until they didn't have any funding for it. The strikes however continued and it was later decided to make them illegal which the government did. The mess resulted in over 500 people getting injured and 17 people dying.

Daeva Cabinet II (4628 - 4632)

The Daeva Cabinet II was created after the 4628 election with new parties like the Nationalist Party of Luthori and the Holy Luthori Church, the White Rose however was not part of the cabinet this time. Though the Head of Government was Edward Daeva, the de facto Head of Government was Imperator Franz Reichert, Daeva's uncle, who had won the Office of the Imperator in the election.

In July 4629 the Communist Party of Luthori. organized a march in the city of Youk in Northriding to protest a law from the Holy Luthori Church, which had passed a month earlier. These laws has been described as extremely authoritarian to the point of totalitarian. To counter the protesters, the then recently formed, government approved, National Defence Forces sent out the Holy Guard and the Imperatorian Guard. The CPL responded with creating the Red Brigades, and started clashing with the NDF.

The biggest achievement the Daeva Cabinet II was able to do was Reichert's 'Luthori Works' program, which helped over more than one million people get jobs, as well as laying the foundation of a solution to the unemployment in Luthori. Otherwise is the Daeva Cabinet II most known for being one of the most authoritarian governments of Luthori in recent history.

Death of Franz Reichert Edit

With the death of Franz Reichert the ICP called for an emergency congress (4th Party Congress) to determine who was to be Reichert's successor as the General Secretary and who is going to be the candidate for the Office of the Imperator. During that party congress an election was held. After the leadership election, Shaela Reichert, daughter of Franz Reichert won the post of General Secretary and was officially announced as Franz Reichert's successor.

Shaela Reichert era (4632 - Present) Edit

Though Shaela Reichert was seen as a confident but girly individual, this appearance changed after her father died. The party and public was surprised over her ruthlessness during the 4632 ICP Leadership Election upon which Shaela took power in the party.

Even though it says in party policy that a leadership election is to take place every four years, Shaela Reichert has managed to stay in power beyond her term and deliberately not held the elections in 4636 and 4640. In December 4641, a motion was presented in the 5th Citizens Congress that meant that the General Secretary was a life long post and that if anyone wished to have that post they needed to challenge the incumbent General Secretary.

Internal reforms Edit

Ever since Shaela Reichert's rise to power, the party has followed an internal, moderate reforming. It has embraced National Conservatism more and rejected the former radical elements, though radicals still exists in the party and is grouped in the Ultranationalist and Axist factions. Both of them unable to secure enough mandate in the Citizens Congress to effect party policy, as they are overshadowed by the National Conservatives. Because of these reforms, more and more moderates join the party which is steadily decreasing the radicals.

Kingston Cabinet Edit

The party decides to enter in the Kingston Cabinet I in 4639. The Cabinet almost lasted a year but did not accomplish much. It fell when the PP decided to vote in favor of a no-confidence motion of the LDP after the HLC had laid out its conditions for giving its support and confidence for the cabinet. These conditions were judged unacceptable by the PP members. As such the PP resigned from all of their cabinet posts as well as the Office of the Prime Minister, resulting in Deputy Prime Minister Lyra Daeva succeeding Catherine Kingston as Prime Minister. As Prime Minister, Lyra Daeva was able to keep the government in an effective shape so its successor could take up the government missions without problem.

Following the early election, the ICP was the party that lost the most votes.

In the opposition Edit

Following the formation of the Hopkins I Cabinet, the ICP stays four years in the opposition.

In the 4644 election, the party gains 11 seats. Since the end of the Daeva Cabinet II, the party seems to stagnate at 10%. In late 4646, the party officially announces that it will give the Sanders Cabinet its confidence and act as its supply, this decision was taken right after the Patriots Party had done the same.

Purge Edit

In September 4644, Shaela Reichert, after discovering a plot by prominent members of the party, issued a purge of those involved for the reason of disloyalty to the party line. Also known as the ICP Purge.

As Confidence and Supply Edit

In March 4647, the party decides to provide confidence and supply to the Sanders Cabinet. After negotiations with the Holy Luthori Church, they put forward a bill presenting a increase in the legislative and executive term up to 5 years, this with the help of all government parties and a few others manages to pass it.

Moderate Right Edit

In early 4647, the party officially announced that the they will campaign as the Imperial Citizens Party - the Moderate Right. This decision was taken after many years of internal reforms and suppression of far-right and radical elements in the party, especially after the Purge of many party officials.

After the 4649 election and the dissolution of the LDP, the ICP decides to provide supply and confidence to an HLC-CP coalition, known as the Pope William's Cabinet. The party won 9 seats after the early election.

Factions Edit

Faction Ideology Leader Seats
National Conservatives National Conservatism,

Economic Nationalism,

Monarchism, Authoritarianism,

National Democracy

1 July 4636 1,386
Ultranationalists Ultranationalism, Authoritarianism,

Monarchism, Imperialism, National Democracy

17 August 4634 562
Social Liberals Social Liberalism, Pro-democracy,

Free Market, National Democracy

1 July 4636 247
Left wing Nationalists Left wing Nationalism, Planned Economy,

National Democracy

1 July 4636 154
Axists Axism, Fascism, Totalitarianism 1 May 4635 150
Citizens Congress
Citizens Congress factions

Imperatorian Guard Edit

In April 4629 the Holy Luthori Church's bill to give the government authorization to create their own militias passed. This led to various party militias being formed and one of them was the ICP's Imperatorian Guard.

The Imperatorian Guard's purpose is to serve the Party, the Empire and the Imperator. The party has full control of the guard but usually this control switches when the ICP wins the Office of the Imperator were upon the Imperatorian Guard declares their loyalty to the Imperator personally.

Party Symbols Edit

  • Rotelöwe: The Rotelöwe is what the crimson lion; party logo is called, though crimson means hochrote in Dundorfian it was actually decided that the lion was to be red, but was later changed to crimson so it could stand out more. In 4626 during the 4th Party Congress, the Party flag was adopted. This flag has a big black field with the Rotelöwe in the center of it.
ICP Leading Flag
ICP Flag
ICP Lion
Central Party Flag; used

always in front of the

normal Party flag in

demonstrations and

other rallies.

Party Flag; used always

in great numbers at

party gatherings with

fewer Central Party

Flags leading them.

Rotelöwe; used

as the official

Party emblem,

it is also used in

front of the podium

were party members

speak, as well as a

giant Rotelöwe at

the Party Congresses

hanging on the wall

looking on at the


Classification Edit

Despite describing itself as a right-wing party, the Imperial Citizens party is classified by experts and political commentators as a far-right authoritarian party due to its opposition to the democratic principles and the rule of law.[5] The party wants unlimited police powers and restrictions on the right to appeal a judgement to a higher court.

Ideology Edit

The party officially follows its own ideology and philosophy of National Democracy and Citizenship Thought:

National Democracy Edit

The party has claimed that the state should be ready at any moment to intervene in parts of society that can't function alone but if it can, it should be left in the hands of the people through means of privatization.

Citizenship Thought Edit

They believe that the national citizens of ones own nation should be prioritized before helping others as this is essential for a nations survival, and that without ones national citizens the nation can't survive or exist.

Platform Edit

See: Party Bills of the Imperial Citizens Party

See: Political Programs of the Imperial Citizens Party

National political structures Edit

ICP has presented in their political program that they are for constitutional reforms including, among others: only allowing the Imperator to be able to propose a national cabinet, a temporary increase of the number of members of the Imperial Diet (but later decrease it), and increasing the length of a legislative and executive term, up to 60 months (5 years). ICP advocates increased criminal penalties. It postulates aggressive anti-corruption measures (including creation of an Anti-Corruption Bureau, to keep members of the cabinet and Diet in check), as well as broad and various measures to smooth the working of public institutions.

ICP also wants to establish an independent Constitutional Court and have a clear defining of its structure and powers as well as defining the powers of all cabinet ministers and foremost the Imperator. The party also wishes to rename the Imperial Diet to the Imperial Senate as it would fit in the modernism of the elective monarchy.

Diplomacy and defense Edit

The party is in favour of strengthening the Luthori Army through diminishing bureaucracy and raising military expenditures, especially for modernization of army equipment. ICP plans to introduce a fully professional army and install a compulsory military and civilian national service. It is also in favor of participation of Luthori in foreign military missions, in countries that suffer from military conflicts. ICP has also said that they plan to open military bases, land and naval in foreign countries.

The party supports an isolationist attitude with internationalist policies. It supports economic integration and tightening the cooperation in areas of energetic security and military, but is skeptical about closer political integration. It is against any formation of globalist superstates. ICP is in favor of strong political and military alliances of Luthori with Dorvik, Istalia and Mordusia.

Social policies Edit

The party's view on social issues are much more traditionalist than those of social conservative parties in other countries.

Family policies Edit

The party strongly promotes itself as a pro-family party and encourage married couples to have more children. Prior to 4635 elections, it promised to build 3 million inexpensive housing units as a way to help young couples start a family.

Medical stances Edit

Even as Luthori's abortion laws are among the most restrictive in the Artania, ICP however accepts abortion in medical emergencies which is currently allowed, in 4631 the party passed the 'ICP-07: Free with Morality Act' which took away funding for abortions in medical emergencies, which political commentators have speculated can be a sign that the ICP is moving towards absolute anti-abortion, though this has been denied by party officials.

The party is for euthanasia and comprehensive sex education, but is however against in-vitro fertilisation.

Nationalism Edit

The party has not officially stated that nationalism is their main ideology but has repeatedly shown obvious signs of such ideals. Such signs being in 4633, when ICP took command over the international Identity and Democracy organization which has as a goal to spread nationalism all over the world. Though party officials has instead distinguished themselves as "patriots", which the party has in fact officially stated that the ICP is a "patriotic party" who seeks to glorify the Empire. During the June 4635 election, Shaela Reichert said in her speech during the visit to the city of Liore that "the state is a value which we should take care of, and to be attached to, to love our fatherland - our beloved Empire, is what I call patriotism!"

Party leaders Edit

No. Name Portrait Period
1 Franz Reichert
Reichert in his residence
4621 - 4632
2 Shaela Reichert
Alicia Dietzler
4632 - Present

Party leadership Edit

Position Name Portrait Since
General Secretary

of the Grand Secretariat

Shaela Reichert
Alicia Dietzler
25 August 4632
Director of the

General Committee

Norbert Lichten 30 January 4647
Chairman of the

Citizens Congress

Filip Lieten 31 March 4622

Electoral results Edit

Imperial Diet of the Holy Luthorian Empire of Luthori
Number of votes
Total votes
% votes
4622 7,703,392 66,033,843 11.67
71 / 601
New Opposition 3rd
4623 9,864,112 65,366,302 15.09
90 / 601
Increase 19 Opposition 2nd
4624 10,662,660 65,758,397 16.21
97 / 601
Increase 7 Daeva Cabinet I 4th
4628 10,380,325 63,241,881 16.41
99 / 601
Increase 2 Daeva Cabinet II 2nd
4632 6,072,462 64,605,792 9.40
57 / 601
Decrease 42 Opposition 7th
4635 7,744,661 65,765,403 11.78
70 / 601
Increase 13 Opposition 7th
October 4635 7,803,296 65,214,117 11.97
73 / 601
Increase 3 Opposition 3rd
4638 8,046,230 66,419,452 12.11
72 / 600
Decrease 1 Kingston Cabinet I 5th
4640 6,088,773 65,582,132 9.28
55 / 600
Decrease 17 Opposition 6th
4644 7,104,475 64,869,891 10.95
66 / 600
Increase 11 Opposition 5th
4645 7,015,411 63,095,843 11.12
67 / 600
Increase 1 Confidence and Supply to the Sanders Cabinet 6th
4649 8,314,106 65,684,343 12.66
76 / 600
Increase 9 Confidence and Supply to Pope William's Cabinet 5th
Office of the Imperator of the Holy Luthorian Empire
Date Candidate 1st round 2nd round
Votes % Position Votes % Results
4622 Franz Reichert 7,645,271 11.68 % 3rd - - Lost
4623 Franz Reichert 9,795,620 14.96 % 2nd 33,944,312 56.66 % Won
4624 Franz Reichert 16,023,140 24.27 % 3rd - - Lost
4628 Franz Reichert 16,961,639 26.50 % 2nd 29,898,102 52.45 % Won
4632 Franz Reichert 9,485,841 14.59 % 4th - - Lost
4635 Shaela Reichert 7,841,623 11.86 % 5th - - Lost
October 4635 Shaela Reichert 7,635,350 11.60 % 5th - - Lost
4638 Shaela Reichert 8,095,426 12.31 % 5th - - Lost
4640 Shaela Reichert 6,760,574 10.36 % 6th - - Lost
4644 Shaela Reichert 7,059,339 10.90 % 6th - - Lost
4645 Endorsement to Kim Ferns of the Patriots Party Lost
4649 Endorsement to Kim Ferns of the Patriots Party Won
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