Imperial Diet of the Holy Luthorian Empire
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ImperatorFranz Reichert, ICP
since December 4623
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Political groupsHLC : 127 seats

CPL : 108 seats
PP : 91 seats
LDP : 79 seats
ICP : 72 seats
PP : 71 seats
SDP : 65 seats

WR : 58 seats
Voting systemPlurality At-Large
Last election4623
Meeting place
Darlington House Fort William, Holy Luthori Empire
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The Imperial Diet of the Holy Luthorian Empire, commonly known as the Imperial Diet, Diet, or Parliament, is the supreme legislative body in the Holy Luthori Empire. It alone possesses legislative supremacy and thereby ultimate power over all other political bodies in Luthori. Its head is the Sovereign of the Holy Luthori Empire (currently Empress Sarah IV) and its seat is the Parliament Building in Fort William, Luthori.

The Imperial Diet is unicameral and is a democratically elected chamber with elections held every four years unless an early election is called. The body meets in the Chamber in the Parliament Building in Fort William. By constitutional convention, all government ministers, including the Prime Minister, are members of the Imperial Diet, and are thereby accountable to the respective branches of the legislature.

The diet was formerly named the Holy Imperial Diet. The name was changed in 3919 as part of a large-scale renaming of government offices throughout Luthori.

Role Edit

As the legislative branch of Luthori, the Imperial Diet performs the normal functions of a legislature in a parliamentary democracy. It enacts laws, amends the constitution and appoints a government. As per the constitution the appointment of government officials rests in the hands of the reigning monarch, however most parliamentary and government officials are appointed by the monarch on the advise of the Imperial Diet and the cabinet. To make changes to the Constitution under the new Instrument of Government, amendments must be approved twice, in two successive electoral periods with a regular general election held in between.

The Monarch Edit

The monarch of Luthori is one of the components of Parliament—formally called the King-in-Parliament or the Queen-in-Parliament. This results from the role of the monarch (or their vice-regal representative, the Governor-General) to sign into law (give Royal Assent) the bills that have been passed by the Diet.

Members of the Diet must express their loyalty to the monarch and defer to his/her authority, as the Oath of Allegiance must be recited by all new parliamentarians before they may take their seats and the official opposition is traditionally dubbed as His/Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition.

Committees Edit

The Imperial Diet uses committees for a variety of purposes, e.g., for the review of bills. Committees consider bills in detail, and may make amendments. Bills of great constitutional importance, as well as some important financial measures, are usually sent to the "Committee of the Diet", a body that includes all members of the diet. Instead of the Speaker, the chairman or a Deputy Chairman presides.

Parliamentary Committee Chairman Political Affiliation Responsibility
Business and Innovations Committee Ministry of Finance
Local Governments and Constituencies Committee Ministry of Internal Affairs
Education and Information Committeee Ministry of Education
Defence and National Security Committee Ministry of Education and Culture
Internal Affairs Committee Ministry of Internal Affairs
Foreign Affairs Committee Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Cultural Enhancement and Ethics Committee Ministry of Education and Culture
Transnational Trade Committee Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Economic Development Committee Ministry of Finance
Science and Technology Stimulus Committee Ministry of Science and Technology
Justice and Law Committee Ministry of Justice
Economics and Commerce Committee Ministry of Finance
Health and Social Services Committee Ministry of Health and Social Services
Environment and Tourism Committee Ministry of the Environment and Tourism
Political Ethics Review Committee Office of the Speaker of the Imperial Diet
Constitutional Advisement Committee Office of the Speaker of the Imperial Diet
Agriculture and Agribusiness Committee Ministry of Food and Agriculture
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