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Imperial National Party
Kaiserliche Nationale Partei
New Dundorfian Republic
Party Leader
Friedrich Bauers (Incumbent)
3486-3542, 3655-Onwards
Student Wing
Youth Wing
Statism, Militarism, Nationalism, Social Conservatism
International Affiliation
  • Technocratic Alliance
  • United Nationalists
  • International Authoritarian Organisation
Official Color
Black, White, Violet
Political Position
Seats in the Reichstag
208 / 500
Governorships in the Dundorfian Electorates
1 / 5
Politics of Dundorf
Political parties of Dunorf
Elections in Dundorf

The Imperial National Party (Dundorfian: Kaiserliche Nationale Partei) is a major right-wing Dundorfian political party that was formed in September of 3486 with the aim of establishing a Meritocratic-Republic. Inspired by other parties within Dundorf's history, the party also embraced the ideals of militarism and Dundorfian nationalism.

In 3488, the party adopted the Purple-Black flag as its official flag. In 3490, after the 3489 elections, the flag was changed to Purple-White-Black.

With the deaths of the DNVP and MFD, the two largest right-wing parties in Dundorf, the KNP has become both the second-largest party in the country as well as the only non-leftist party in Dundorf

Party ConstitutionEdit

The Kaiserliche Nationale Partei has as its aim to acheive the following:

1 - The rigorous expansion of the nation's educational system, to ensure that every one of our citizens is capable of making informed decisions.

2 - Restricting the voting franchise based on intellectual capacity or service to the nation; thus, only the truly well-informed (optimally, everyone in accordance with Point 1) or those who have served in the military as either a soldier or in a support duty shall be granted the right to vote.

3 - The end of nepotism, socialism and unequal chances. The promotion of Equality of Opportunity as opposed to Equality of Outcome.

4 - Abolishment of all aid given to refugees and immigrants at the expense of our nations citizens.

5 - The abolishment of any and all blocks towards the success of our citizenry. Our citizens should not be punished through high taxation for wanting to make themselves successful.

6 - The abolishment of the democratic state and its replacement with a transparent meritocratic republic, a nation based on strength, duty and merit.

7 - The protection of individual freedoms, such as the right to free speech, the right to free thought and the right to free belief. This also includes defending institutions that are directly involved in such affairs, such as religious institutions.

-Government: The party believes in a small, efficient and centralized government. The party also believes in limiting the voting populace based on intellectual capacity. The party is opposed to democracy and mob rule, and supports the ideals of the Republic, a nation based on laws. The party is heavily opposed to social justice and favors objectivism.

-Military: The party believes in a strong military led by a highly trained and efficient officer corps. The party believes that every able-bodied citizen should serve a term in the military.

-Foreign Affairs: The party is mostly isolationist and seeks to preserve the customs and traditions of Dundorf while still retaining ties to the outside world. The party supports restrictive laws on immigration and refugee status. The party also believes that we should not give aid to other nations without due compensation.

-Economy: The party believes that state ownership of certain key industries and moderate economic regulation are necessary to ensure prosperity, however it opposes total state or worker control of the economy and extreme or redundant regulation.

-Religion: The party believes in a secular state, with lip service to the main religion. However, the right of the religious institutions to exist as a key part of society, and the right of the individual to choose his belief without coercion from the State is considered sacrosanct.

-Health and Education: The party believes that education must be totally funded by the government. Basic health care should be covered by the government with private citizens allowed to pay more for better care if they so choose.

-Ecology :The party believes that, while the environment must be protected, it must not be at the expense of national well-being nor prosperity. A balance should be reached between the interests of the country and environmental stability.


Leader From To
Ruprecht Alphonsus 3489 3524
Lars Hildebrand 3524 3542
NONE 3542 3655
Friedrich Bauers 3655 3665
Friedrich Alphonsus 3665 ---


Party MottosEdit

"Jedem das Seine!", "Strength through Honor, Freedom through Duty!"

Party AnthemsEdit

  • Radetzky March (3486 - 3492)
  • To the Glory of the Fatherland (3492 - 3499) (3503 - 3523)
  • When All Become Disloyal (3499 - 3503) (3523 - Present)

Wolfsgarde AnthemsEdit

  • March of the Wolfs Legion (3489 - Present)

Electoral PerformanceEdit

Date Vote (%) Seats Seats Total Seats (%)
Oct.3489 8.46 45 550 8.18
Aug.3491 19.85 109 - 19.82
Aug.3494 29.33 162 - 29.85
Aug.3500 29.32 173 - 31.45
Aug.3503 24.23 136 - 29.45
Aug.3506 51.50 282 - 24.73
Aug.3509 30.62 169 - 30.73
Aug.3512 32.21 187 - 34.00
Aug.3515 33.16 183 - 33.27
Dec.3515 49.94 227 - 50.36


82.39 447 - 81.27
Dec.3521 76.73 383 500 76.60
Dec.3524 48.62 249 - 49.80
Oct.3527 85.30 425 - 85.00
Oct.3530 81.58 404 - 80.80
Oct.3533 61.28 306 - 61.20
Oct.3536 84.33 418 - 83.60
Oct.3539 59.69 298 - 59.60
Oct.3542 59.85 299 - 59.80
Sept.3570 54.46 40 75 53.33
Sept.3574 47.65 36 - 48.00
Oct.3661 100.00 250 250


Oct.3667 31.54 80




Ever since the fall of the Dundorfish National People's Party (DNVP) and the Monarchist Faction of Dundorf (MFD), the KNP has allowed the former members of these parties to join its ranks. This naturally led to the KNP being divided along ideological lines. The various factions agree that they are all against socialism, but disagree over several details.

National-Imperialist FactionEdit

This faction makes up the core of the KNP. Lead by Friedrich Alphonsus, this faction desires a meritocratic republican state headed by the most competent. Supportive of a limited democracy. Makes up 67% of the KNP. Also contains the majority of the Wolfsgarde. Supports State-Capitalism (Dun.: Staatskapitalismus).


Flag of KNF

  • Leader: Friedrich Alphonsus I
  • Colors: Violet, Black
  • Symbols: Wolf, Phoenix
  • Percentage of Party: 64%

National-Popularist FactionEdit

Made up of former members of the DNVP, this faction seeks to establish a semi-authoritarian government in Dundorf. Supportive of parliamentary democracy. Proponents of State-Capitalism. Has the second-largest membership in the party.

Flag of NVP

  • Leader: Konstantin Schwinghammer
  • Colors: Blue, Black, White
  • Symbols: Eagle
  • Percentage of Party: 14.4%

Monarchist FactionEdit

Former members of the MFD. Seek to restore the Dundorfian monarchy. Non-supportive of democracy. Proponents of full capitalism. Third-largest membership in the party.


Flag of MFD

  • Leader: Albrecht von Dundorf
  • Colors: Black, White, Red
  • Symbols: Eagle
  • Percentage of Party: 9%

Duntrekker FaktionEdit


Flag of DFD

Includes the various supporters of Duntrekker ethnicity. Staunchly conservative and religious.

  • Leader: Adriaan Weisserderrand
  • Colors: Red, Golden-Yellow
  • Symbols: Godenmarkeren
  • Percentage of Party: 8%

Technocratic FactionEdit

Made up of the non-militant sections of the party, this faction supports isolationism, pacifism and focus on technological innovation. No membership in the Wolfsgarde and is the smallest faction within the party. This faction, however, makes up a significant proportion of the KNP leadership.

  • Leader: Roger Kästner
  • Colors: White, Black
  • Percentage of Party: 4.6%


The party relies upon the use of music as a means of quickly and efficiently spreading its messages.

Wenn Alle Untreu Werden (Party Anthem)

1. Wenn alle untreu werden, so bleiben wir doch treu, Dass immer noch auf Erden für euch ein Fähnlein sei. Gefährten uns'rer Jugend, ihr Bilder bess'rer Zeit, Die uns zu Männertugend und Liebestod geweiht.

2. Wollt nimmer von uns weichen, uns immer nahe sein, Treu wie die deutschen Eichen, wie Mond und Sonnenschein! Einst wird es wieder helle in aller Brüder Sinn, Sie kehren zu der Quelle in Lieb und Treue hin.

3. Es haben wohl gerungen die Helden dieser Frist, Und nun, der Sieg gelungen, übt Satan neue List. Doch wie sich auch gestalten im Leben mag die Zeit, Du sollst uns nicht veralten, o Traum der Herrlichkeit.

4. Ihr Sterne seid uns Zeugen, die ruhig niederschaun, Wenn alle Brüder schweigen und falschen Götzen traun. Wir woll'n das Wort nicht brechen, nicht Buben werden gleich, Woll'n predigen und sprechen vom heil'gen 'Dorfischen Reich.

Lied der Wolf's Legion (Wolfsgarde Anthem)
Wir zogen übers weite Meer
ins fremde Selußland,
zu kämpfen für der Freiheit Ehr'
weil Haß und Krieg entbrannt.

Hier herrschten Marxisten und Roten,
der Pöbel der hatte die Macht.
Da hat, als der Ordnung Boten,
der Dorfische Hilfe gebracht.

Wir jagten sie wie eine Herde
und der Teufel, der lachte dazu,
Ha, ha ha ha ha,
die Roten in seluscher Luft
und zur Erde,
wie ließen sie nirgends in Ruh.

Hat auch der Tod mit harter Hand
die Besten oft gefällt -
wir hielten aus, der Wall stand fest,
die rote Flut zerschellt.

Und ziehen die Legionäre
als Sieger ins dorfische Land,
dann schreiten mit unsere Toten,
wir heben zum Gruße die Hand.

Wir jagten sie wie eine Herde
und der Teufel, der lachte dazu,
Ha, ha ha ha ha,
die Roten in seluscher Luft
und zur Erde,
wir ließen sie nirgends in Ruh. 

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