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Imperial Throne of the Augustans
Βασίλειος Θρόνος τῶν Σεβαστῶν
Цѣсарьскъ Столъ Аѵгостанъ
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            Flag                               Coat of Arms

King of Kings, Ruling over Rulers
Augusta Sarahae.jpg
The Sarahae Cathedral, one of the buildings under the sovereignty of the Imperial Throne
Capital                     Aŭgusta
Largest city            Aŭgusta
Languages             Kalopian, Old Tokundian
Denonym                Augustan
Government           Constitutional Monarchy
Emperor of the Augustans      Theodoro II
Empress of the Augustans      Paŭla I
- Total                        
- Per Capita               
Area                          0.36 km2
Population               863
Currency                 Cobur (COB)
Drives on                 Right
Internet TLD            .it

The Imperial Throne of the Augustans is an independent sovereign entity established in 4074 in the aftermath of the Tokundian War of Independence.

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