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Independent Confessing Church of Kizenia
Luther Rose.png
TypeConfessional Hosian
Theistic philosophyMonotheistic
Supreme divinityElyon
Major ProphetsAriel, Eliyahu
ScriptureHosian Bible
LeadershipOnafhankelisze Belijden Synode
Liturgical languageZyldavian
Members27 million

The Independent Confessing Church of Kizenia (Zyldavian: Onafhankelisze Bekennende Kerk dosz Kidzenija; Kizenian: Biserica Mărturisitoare Independentă a Chizeniei) is a Zyldavian-speaking Luthoran church in New Endralon, mainly based in Sodali. Its history goes back to the 18th century when the Kizenian Endralonians arrived in the region, then a colony of Endralon. The church has close ties with the Ameliorate Church of Kuzaki and the Zyldavian Ameliorate Church.

New Endralon articles
History Western Meria Crisis
Geography Cetatea Albă
Politics Political parties
Demographics Ethnic groups: Kizenians, New Endralonians, Kuzakis
Religion: Kizenian Patriarchal Church - Ameliorate Church of Kuzaki - Independent Confessing Church of Kizenia
Culture Sport - Monarchy (Kizenia) - Armed Forces
Economy Dollar