Projected tour route, published by The Nationalist Bulletin.

On 10 January 4394, the Tianshun Emperor mandated his grandsons, Prince Jianlong and Prince Jianhao to visit a number of foreign nations so that Indrala's "multinational relationships shall grow and strengthen"[1]

Itinerary Edit

Date Country Host
20-22 August 4395 Kalistan flag 4300's Kalistan Mayor of Luxon & local Indralan diaspora
23-27 August 4395 Flag of New Endralon New Endralon/Kizenia Grand Chancellor Adrián Molnár 
29 August - 1 September 4395 Flag of Hutori Hutori Emperor Alexander I (Hutori)
2-5 September 4395 Newflagofdorvik Dorvik Chairwoman Katrina Brandebourg
5-6 September 4395 Kirlawan Flag Kirlawa Local Gao-Showa diaspora
9-16 September 4395 Hawu Mumenhes Flag Hawu Mumenhes Princess Imset
Stop cancelled[2] Holy Luthori Empire Flag Luthori
18-21 September 4395 3elkEn Valruzia President Joesph Conrad
22-24 September 4395 Flag of Malivia Malivia TBA
25-30 September 4395 Selucia new flag Selucia Caesar Atia Vinicia Gryllus & Consul Zelotes Siskos
1-3 October 4395 4380s Barmen flag Barmenistan TBA
4-10 October 4395 Vanukufederalflag Vanuku King Juhn X
11-12 October 4395 Jelbek horseman flag Jelbania Cancelled for security reasons, met with Jelbanian leaders in Vanuku
12-14 October 4395 FlagofCildania2 Cildania President Rafael Triggers

Background Edit

On 1 January 4394, the Nationalist Bulletin reported that bureaucrats within the Indralan Imperial Household Agency were preparing a massive multinational tour for members of the Indralan Royal Family[3]. Nine days later, the Tianshun Emperor formally issued an edict announcing the trip[1].

Media reports from Hawu Mumenhes announced that the Nekhatw Palace was planning for the visit before the official edict had been issued[4]. According to local media, the Hawu Mumenhes government "insist[ed] that the visit should be treated as the state occasion of the year."[4] In response to the early planning on the part of the Hawu, the Tianshun Emperor sent gifts to Princess Imset, as well as the Esintsundu Imperial Family at large[5]. According to the Indralan Imperial Palace representative Yao Tiansheng, the gifts were sent as "[the Indralan Emperor was]... moved by the hospitality with which the Hawu are preparing to extend to his beloved grandsons."[5]

References Edit

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