英語 Yīngyǔ
Native speakers170 million  (3577)
Language family
  • Southern Gao-Indralan
Writing systemGāozì, Selucian script
Official status
Official language inIndrala, Dalibor, Jinlian
Language codes
ISO 639-3Yng

Indralan (英語, Yīngyǔ) is the language of the Indralan people and the major language of Indrala. It is a Gao-Indralan language related to Kunikata, spoken in Sekowo and Gao-Soto, and to Kyo, spoken in Dankuk. It is the most widely spoken Gao-Showan language, and it recently began to compete with Kunikata as the lingua franca of the Gaosphere.


Indralan is the official language of Indrala, and as such it is the language of all government acts and of parliamentary debates. Until the 30th century Classical Kunikata was also an official language.

Writing systemEdit

Indralan uses two writing systems, an ideographic script and the latin alphabet. The former, known as Gāozì (高字), was adopted during the Qin Period in 920, and it is now the main script used for the language. The Selucian (OOC: Latin) script was adopted in the 19th century, under Alorian colonial rule, and it is now used mainly as a means to teach the language to children and foreigners, and to illustrate the pronounciation of difficult or rare characters.

OOC notesEdit

Indralan is Mandarin Chinese, with Traditional characters prefered over the Simplified ones.

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