Nation Zardugal
Cities Ventio, Limenstomo, Fortreso, Novaj Zardio
Population 19,951,830
Area 226,400 km²
Workforce between 15 and 65 59.19%
Employment Workforce 92.31%
Seats in the Federal National Congress 40

Ingomo is one of the 5 states of Zardugal and home to the major city of Limenstomo, one of the "hubs" of Zardugal. The state borders Jelbania to the north, Kalvario and Unkaso to the west and Cobura to the south along with a long water border with Lake Majatra with the major city of Limenstomo being built of its successful position to dominate Lake Majatra trade.

Economically, Ingomo is home to the Limenstomo Merchantile Exchange (LMEX), the Zardic Energy Exchange (ZAEX) and home to Terra Security Group and the Permanent Security Secretariat of the Majatran Security and Co-Operation Organization.

Cities of Ingomu[edit | edit source]

Ingomu is a Federal State of The Federation of Zardugal. There are 4 cities in Limenstomo, Novaj Zardio, Venetio and Fortreso.

Venetio[edit | edit source]

Limenstomo[edit | edit source]

Fortreso[edit | edit source]

Novaj Zardio[edit | edit source]

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