Institute for Global Awareness

The Institute for Global Awareness (IGA) is an international organisation that aims to spread awareness of issues around Terra and propose sensible, pragmatic solutions to them. The IGA was established in 4478 by former Alorian president Cefin Lloyd. Lloyd said the institute believes in "freedom, peace, humanity and prosperity".

Mission Statement Edit

The Institute for Global Awareness (IGA) is designed to spread awareness of issues across Terra, and propose sensible, pragmatic, progressive ideas to resolve them. The IGA aims to operate globally, with the mindset that by nations across Terra working together, they can create change for the benefit of people from all backgrounds. Too often, crises around Terra are ignored for too long, and acted upon too late. Therefore, the IGA aims quickly spread awareness of these crises and get as many world powers, groups and organisations around the table as quickly as possible to help mitigate and end these crises.

Current Work Edit

Kafuristan Edit

The IGA is currently working on an ongoing report into the situation in Kafuristan. In Kafuristan, trade embargoes put in place by Aloria and New Endralon/Kizenia are hurting the economy. Medicine shortages are also common due to imports from an export communist ally stopping. With the situation expected to worsen, the IGA is currently working hard on a proposal that would see an end to the resource shortages before a humanitarian crisis ensues.