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The Institute for Global Awareness (IGA) is an international organisation that aims to spread awareness of issues around Terra and propose sensible, pragmatic solutions to them. The IGA was established in 4478 by former Alorian president Cefin Lloyd. Lloyd said the institute believes in "freedom, peace, humanity and prosperity".

Mission statement[edit | edit source]

The Institute for Global Awareness (IGA) is designed to spread awareness of issues across Terra, and propose sensible, pragmatic, progressive ideas to resolve them. The IGA aims to operate globally, with the mindset that by nations across Terra working together, they can create change for the benefit of people from all backgrounds. Too often, crises around Terra are ignored for too long, and acted upon too late. Therefore, the IGA aims quickly spread awareness of these crises and get as many world powers, groups and organisations around the table as quickly as possible to help mitigate and end these crises.

Current work[edit | edit source]

Luthori[edit | edit source]

The IGA is currently working as part of an international effort to oppose the rise of fascism in Luthori.

Past work[edit | edit source]

Kafuristan[edit | edit source]

The IGA was involved in issuing a report surrounding the situation in Kafuristan in the 4470s and 80s. In Kafuristan, trade embargoes put in place by Aloria and New Endralon/Kizenia negatively impacted the economy. Medicine shortages are also common due to imports from an export communist ally stopping. At the time, there were serious questions about the democratic process in Kafuristan and the treatment of minorities - there was no real opposition parties and in 4473 the government killed 3,500 civilians in an attack on counter-revolutionary forces.

In 4478, the IGA released a report detailing what should be done to improve the situation:


We have found Kafuristan to be a decaying democracy, with questionable elections and no real opposition to the ruling party. The elections have not been subject to international observation, and therefore the mandate the regime claim they have is invalid. While the government does enjoy the support of many, there is still concern among the Kafuri people, which has been shown by counter-revolutionary forces in 4473. The Kafuri regime's disregard of the safety of their own people was shown when 3,500 civilians were killed when they attacked rebels in the province of Jerze'har.

Despite this, we have found some of the accusations levelled at Kafuristan are lacking evidence. The claim that the Kafuri regime is attacking human rights has some merit, however they have also advanced the rights of their citizens in many key areas. For example, the Founding The Workers' Republic Bill gives women the same working rights as men. Furthermore, the bill legalises trade unions and strikes. We have found the regime is doing much to help the working-classes in Kafuristan. Nonetheless, there have been some attacks on the rights of citizens. This is shown in the On Property Ownership Bill, which gives the government the right to seize property for any reason. There are also concerns about the regimes control of the internet.

We have found the economic situation in Kafuristan to be difficult, with those at the bottom suffering the most from the medicine shortages. Moreover, trade embargoes imposed by the Alorian government and the Kizenian government have made matters worse. The government has had to supply substitute foods, and the situation could drastically worsen to the point of food shortages if the embargoes continue. While the trade embargoes were put in place in response to the actions of the Kafuri regimes, they are not helping people in Kafuristan.

Key Proposals

We have set out three key proposals which provide a basic outline of what needs to happen if a solution is to be achieved.

- Halting of trade embargoes placed on Kafuristan, provided the following conditions are met:

1. International observers are allowed to monitor the next election

2. Basic human rights are guaranteed to ALL citizens

3. The Kafuri government formally apologises for its past actions, including the killing of 3,500 civilians

- International aid should be provided to Kafuristan in order to provide food and medicine. In order for ordinary people to benefit from this, the following condition must be met:

1. International aid agencies must be allowed to enter Kafuristan to provide aid themselves. Aid given in the form of finance to the government may result in this money being used for purposes other than providing aid.

- Governments should respect the sovereignty of Kafuristan. While many nations may disavow communism, there has to be respect for the Kafuri regime to follow this ideology, PROVIDED they have a mandate from the people of Kafuristan.


We are proposing a solution which would require compromise from all those involved with the crisis. It would involve cooperation between the Kafuri regime, the Kafuri opposition, the Alorian government and the Kizenian government. This solution can only work if ALL agree to the key proposals listed above. Without this, a pragmatic solution is not possible. We think the situation could deteriorate at an increasing rate if action is not taking soon. All sides, not just the Kafuri regime, must take responsibility for the crisis, and must work towards a solution.

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