Interconnect by LOT
Callsign Interconnect
Founded May 1, 4255
Ceased Operations August 4514
Merged into Seleyana
Part of LOT Group
Alliance Goldstar Alliance
Hubs Brzansk - Olipmpia Airport
Secondary Hubs Nowogard "Ignański" International Airport
Hel Intl. Airport
Gryfitow - Topolin Airport
Fleet Size 78
Parent Company LOT Valruzian Airlines
Owners LOT Group (100%)
Slogan Beyond the limits!
Key People Władysław Furman
Destinations 112
Employees 8.400
Website www.interconnectbylot.wr
3 Stars.png

Interconnect AG, known also as Interconnect by LOT was an airline based in the Republic of Valruzia. Its main hub was located in Brzansk - Olimpia Airport and secondary hubs troughout Valruzia in airports like: Nowogard Ignanski Airport, Hel International Airport and Gryfitow - Topolin Airport. It was VLL LOT's wholy owned subsidiary. It was established by LOT in order to provide service for LOT's long-haul routes like Nowogard - Haldor's Petrov International Airport or Fort William's Berkley International Airport. The airline used 16 Reglair i8 and intends to acquire two bigger i7 in order to replace 3 oldest aircrafts in its fleet. Interconnect offered three classes of service: Premium Economy, Business and First Class.

In the process of restructurization of LOT Group the airline together with Homeconnect was merged into new single airline Seleyana which took over Inter- and Homeconnect's fleet and routes.

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