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International Dorvish Airlines
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Callsign Intedor
Founded August 4738
Alliance TBA
Type Subsidiary
Hubs TBA
Part of LOT Group
Fleet Size 0
Slogan "Because nothing will stop us!"
Loyalty Programme Fly with IDA not DA
Key People Paweł Piskorski
Destinations TBA
Employees 1.000
SkyMaster TBA

International Dorvish Airlines (dun.: Internationale Dorvish Fluggesellschaft), known as IDA is an international leisure airline headquartered in Nowogard, Valruzia. It operates medium and long-haul routes between Seleya and Artania. IDA came to life in 4738 when its parent company LOT Group dropped the claims for Dorvish Airways and used the assets remainign from DA to create IDA.


International Dorvish Airlines maintains a fleet in majority consisting of Reglairs i5 which have been phased out from other airlines within the LOT Group and ceased to IDA. According to development plans of the company the airline is supposed to use 75 modernized and refurbished i5s.