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The International Monarchist League (IML) is an international organisation dedicated to the "the preservation and promotion of the monarchical system of government and the principle of monarchy worldwide". Founded in the late 21th century, the IML is one of the oldest international organisations in Terra. The founding document of the IML contains its mission statement, an excerpt states that the task of the organisation,

«will be difficult: to preserve what we have, and to expand the royalist ideas all over the globe. We will - eventually - win, for our idea is just and righteous.»


At one time in history, the IML was involved in a global power struggle against the Alliance of Terran Republics.


Political parties[]

Any political party which believes in the principles of monarchism is entitled to join the International Monarchist League. The organisation is currently led by the All-Dorvish League and One People.


Previously, the IML maintained an official international treaty which countries could ratify to become recognised members of the League. In modern times, this has become disused.


The League is involved in a range of activities aimed at promoting and defending the cause of monarchism globally.

Recognition of royal houses[]

One of the most important roles of the League historically has been recognising the legitimacy of royal and imperial houses. The table below shows the currently recognised royal house and monarch in each country where one exists.

Country Royal house/electors Current monarch
Flag of Aldegar Aldegar House of Pesuna Shahrokh II
Flag of Lourenne Lourenne House of Orléans-Vasser-DeChambeau Herbert II
Flag of Rildanor Rildanor House of Lafayette Jean-Noël IV
Flag of Cildania Cildania House of Lavièra
Flag of Dorvik Dorvik Imperial Electors Council Leopold I/VII
Flag of Dundorf Dundorf
Flag of Hutori Hutori House Steuart-Carmichael William VII
Flag of Indrala Indrala Yu Dynasty Sun Huachen
Flag of Vanuku Vanuku House of Banmek-Sntazed Wrntukai VI
Flag of Zardugal Zardugal Heij Herodoto III