— Governorate of Cobura —
Governorate Flag
Flag Irkawa
Irkawa location

Map of Irkawa
Country Cobura
Capital Sharba
- Governor
- Governing party
- Legislature

Tirou Membhekste
Prosperity and Justice
Governorate Assembly of Irkawa
Population 19,973,328 (4311)
Area 133,800 km2

The Governorate of Irkawa is one of the five subnational entities/administrative divisions of Cobura. It is bordered by Egato to the east, Tokundi the south, and Domale to the southeast. Irkawa has four major cities: Sharba, Manshōpi, Rakote and Refbēsh.

The governorate is historically seen as the home of the Irkawans, which is also the largest demographic group in the governorate. Despite their strong feelings of pride and independence, irkawans peacefully share the governorate with other ethnic groups such as Mallans and Augustans.

Irkawa's capital is Sharba, which is also the capital of the country. Therefore, most of federal-level government offices reside in the governorate as well as international businesses and ngo's

Demographics Edit

Ethnic group Language Population (%)
Irkawans Irkawan 50
Mallans Mallan 20
Augustans Augustan 15
Majatrans Majatran 5
Tokundians Tokundian 5
Other various 5
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