Type Publicly traded (Società per azioni)
Traded as BII: ISTA
Industry Commercial Air Transport
Founded 4 February, 4088
Headquarters Piazza dell'Alleanza, 2 Romula, Istalia
Hubs Romula
Fleet 362 Aircrafts
Key people Manlio Anitori (Chairman and CEO)
Dino Casiraghi (Chief Operating Officer)
Services Air Passengers and Cargo Transportation
Slogan The Istalian quality all over the world!
Revenue LIS$10.2b (4300)
Net income LIS$3.8m (4300)
Owners AI Aereolinee Istaliane S.p.A. 51%
UlbiCredit S.p.A. 33%
Hasan-Mariani Holding & Investement Group 10%
IstaliaExpress S.p.A. 6%
Subsidiaries MajAir
Employees 118.088
SkyMaster 5 Stars

IstalAir (full name: IstalAir Società Aerea Istaliana, lut.: IstalAir Istalian Air Company) is the flag carrier of Istalia. IstalAir operates scheduled and chartered flights in and out of its hubs and its central hub in Romula. Since 4088 the company has been private but it was created as state-owned flag carrier in 3781, as heir of the previous flag carrier Alistalia.

IstalAir today, due to the Istalian dominant position on the markets worldwide, is the largest airline in Majatra by passengers served and fleet size and one of the largest airlines in Terra by kilometers flown. The company is also owner of MajAir, largest low cost company on then continent.

In June 4508 IstalAir, together with its subsidiary MajAir joined the Goldstar Alliance. Accodrind to the SkyMaster ranking IstalAir is a 5-star airline.

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