Air Force of the Istalian Empire
Aeronautica Militare dell'Impero Istaliano
Coat of Arms Imperial Istalian Air Force
Coat of arms of the Istalian Imperial Air Force
Founded 17 december 2262
Country Istalian Empire
Allegiance Ministry of Defense (Istalia)
Branch Armed Forces of the Istalian Empire
Type Air Force
Size 85,000 active personnel
Motto In cielo con onore (Into the sky with honor)
Capo di Stato Maggiore dell'Aeronautica Militare
(Chief of Air Force Staff)
Generale di Squadra Aerea Marco Vittori

The Air Force of the Istalian Empire (Istalian: Aeronautica Militare dell'Impero Istaliano), also Istalian Imperial Air Force, is the aerial defence component of the Istalian Empire. It is the last founded branches of the istalian armed forces of the First Istalian Republic, but just a day after the foundation of the Navy. Since its formation the service has held a prominent role in modern Istalian military history. The Air Force was the first of the istalian Armed Forces to be able to deploy nuclear weapons, carried on strategic bombers. Today the strategic bombers of the Air Force into the nuclear strategic plans of Istalia serve mainly as second-strike weapon also if can perfectly serve in the role of first-strike weapon, like the warheads into the silos of the ground nuclear arsenal, as well under the command of the Air Force. The SSBN of the Navy, however, remain the main way for the strategic nuclear plans of the Istalian Defence to deploy its nuclear arsenal.

The Navy's commander officers is the Chief of the Staff of the Air Force (Capo di Stato Maggiore dell'Aeronautica Militare), who is responsible to the Minister of the Defense. He is assisted by the Deputy Chief of the Staff of the Air Force.

The aerobatic display team is the Comete Tricolori.



Combat aircraftEdit

Role Name Picture Number Notes
Air Superiority Fighter Ajace Aeronautics AF-43 Falco
Ajace Aeronautics AF-43 Falco
450 Info about the F-43
Multi-role Combat Fighter Magistro-Leonardi S.A.G-21 Cobra
Magistro-Leonardi G-21 Cobra
200 G-21 details
Strategic Bomber Artanian Defense Group SHB-450 35 SHB-450 details

Transport and RefuelingEdit

Role Name Picture Number Notes
Heavy Transport Aircraft Ajace Aeronautics MC-47 "Titano" Ajace MC-47 Titano 65 Ajace MC-47 "Titano" details
Transport/Refueling Aircraft Ajace Aeronautics T20 "Colossus" 60 (T)
38 (R)
LA T20 "Colossus" details
Refueling Aircraft Reglair Flugzeugbau AG i3 25 i3 details
Vip transport aircraft Turrino Aeronautica P200 21 P200 details
Executive transport aircraft Reglair Flugzeugbau AG i6 2 i6 details

Special missionEdit

Role Name Picture Number Notes
AEW & C Ajace Aeronautics LA AASC-2000 "Guardiano" 8 AASC-2000 "Guardiano" details
Signal Intelligence Artanian Defense Group ADG-550 3 ADG-550 details
Patrol aircraft Ajace Aeronautics A-70 "Albatros" 6 LA-70 "Albatros" details

Trainer AircraftEdit

Role Name Picture Number Notes
Trainer AirCraft Turrino Aeronautica MM-340 "Vate" 15 MM-340 "Vate" details
Trainer AirCraft Turrino Aeronautica MM-339 "Passero" 20 MM-339 "Passero" details

Unmanned aerial vehicleEdit

Role Name Picture Number Notes
UAV Ajace Aeronautics UAV-M C5 "Nibbio" 195 UAV-M C5 "Nibbio" details


Role Name Picture Number Notes
Multi-role/Transport helicopter Leonardi LH-200 72 LH-200 details
Medium transport helicopter Leonardi LH-121 65 LH-121 details
Heavy transport helicopter Jiraiya Heavy Industries JH-1 "Heimdall" 38 JH-1 "Heimdall" details
Anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and medium-lift transport/Utility helicopter Leonardi LA-500 "Stregone" 26 LA-500 "Stregone" details

Special CommandsEdit

Aerospace CommandEdit

The Istalian Air Force, alongside its role as aerial defence force, it is tasked also of the conducting of the space operations of the Istalian Defense and the whole management of its space warfare activities. This task is undertaken by the Istalian Air Force's Aerospace Command (in istalian: Comando Aerospaziale dell'Aeronautica Militare Istaliana).
The Aerospace Command controls first of all the airspace of whole national territory, tasked to detect and respond to all the threats coming from air and space against Istalia. Then, it controls several satellites and satellative systems, among which one formed by several satellites designed to provide key capabilities in the areas of missile warning, missile defense and battlespace, as well as designed to persue intelligence activities. are not available due to the confidentiality policy maintained by the Istalian Armed Forces about strategic and vital military programs, operations and activities.

Strategic Defence CommandEdit

The Istalian Air Force and the Istalian Navy are the two branchs of the Istalian Armed Forces in duty to handle and maintain the nuclear capabilities of the Istalian Defence. The Navy controls, in fact, several strategic missilistic submarines armed with balistic missiles with nuclear warheads, while the Air Force controls strategic bombers and the strategic ground facilities (namely the ICBM silos). The Istalian Air Force's Strategic Defence Command (in istalian: Comando di Difesa Strategica dell'Aeronautica Militare Istaliana) is the division tasked to control the nuclear arsenal of the Air Force.

Coat of ArmsEdit

Coat of Arms of the Imperial Air ForceEdit

The Istalian Air Force adopted a new coat of arms in 4572 after the Imperial Reform. It consists of a golden bordered blue dundorfian escutcheon crowned by a silver Star of Istalia within which there are a golden Imperial Coat of Arms surmounted by the flying eagle of the Air Force and flanked by 2 five-point stars. Behind the escutcheon there two crossed silver sword above an olive branch and an oak branch which encircle the escutcheon and which are in turn bound together by a ribbon with the national colors of Istalia.

The previous Republican Coat of Arms (4046-4572)Edit

Coat of Arms of the Istalian Air Force

Republican Coat of Arms

Previously the foundation of the Empire, the Istalian Air Force adopted a coat of arms based on what was known as Senna's Arms Design, which was the design scheme used also by the Navy and the Army: a modern selucian shield divided in sections by a turquoise rhombus with in the middle the flying eagle of the Air Force while shield and sections were golden bordered. The triangular sections in the upper quarters were colored with the tipically istalian colors green and red while the bottom section was light blue. Finally, above the shield there was another eagle surmounted by a mural crown.

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