Army of the Istalian Empire
Esercito dell'Impero Istaliano
Istalian Imperial Army Arms
Coat of Arms of the Istalian Imperial Army
Founded 5 November 2262
Country Istalian Empire
Allegiance Ministry of Defense (Istalia)
Branch Armed Forces of the Istalian Empire
Type Army
Size 395,000 active personnel
Motto Sia la difesa dell'Impero la legge suprema (The safeguard of the Empire shall be the supreme law)
Capo di Stato Maggiore dell'Esercito
(Chief of Army Staff)
Generale di Corpo d'Armata Valeria Pennetta

The Army of the Istalian Empire (Istalian: Esercito dell'Impero Istaliano), called also Istalian Imperial Army, is the ground defence component of the Armed Forces of the Istalian Empire. The Army's history dates back to the foundation of the first Istalian Republic in 2262. From most part of the istalian history the Army was the main component of the Armed Forces given the fact that during the long isolationist policies maintained in Istalia until recent time the primary objective of the Armed Forces was the defense of the national territory and of the borders.

During the 42nd century also the Army was involved in the ambitious international policies of Istalia but if during this period this branch of the Armed Forces has been a little overshadowed by the Navy, which also by the Politics has been favored in attention and funding, at the end of the century it arose in the foreground thanks to the sent of the Army in the Mossavi region of Kalopia-Wantuni to establish a Military Extraordinary Administration on the region, fall under the control of a conglomerate of istalian companies, and then bacame the primary defensive branch of the Istalian Protectorate of the Kalopian Free State of Mossavi established in 4202.
After the creation of the Federal Republic of Kalopia-Wantuni, the Istalian Army also after the definitive retirement of the expeditionary contingent, maintained three bases in Kalopia-Wantuni in which were deployed almost 7,000 men and many equipements, this to constantly control the border with the Majatran Revolutionary Socialist Federation and to be able to respond to any threat with forces on place.

Despite the preminence of the Navy in the interest of the Nation to create a modern and efficient tools for the projection of the istalian force all over the world to persue the ambitious istalian international policy, the Army was never left without resources, and indeed the updating of equipements and weapons, and the increase in the professionalism and preparation of its members continued in parallel along the large naval projects.

the Istalian Army in 46th century, instead, experienced some trouble and also embarassing times: in fact, it was the component of the Armed Forces that more than any other was involved in two attempted coups d'état.
The first, in 4546, was organized by some high ranks of the Army when the socialist governments of Istalia were debating about the possibility to create a veritable socialist republic. Contrary to such a transformation, the putchists organized themself to act just after the 4546 elections. They planned to use also external forces to reinforce their lines, hiring a considerable number of foreign mercenaries which, however, later proven to be under the command of Julius von Thaller who deceived the putchists proceding to an uprising before the elections, using also more than 100 thousands regulars soldiers who believed to recive orders by their putchists superiors, to began the so called Istalian Thallerist Revolution.
The second attempted coup d'état, this time the coup began but then failed, was instead in 4558 when part of the Army high ranks betrayed the then Head of the State Michele Appiano De Borromei fearing socialist influences on their Supreme Commander who was promising ample social and socialist concessions to workers and citizens. The putchists acted on the night between 20 and 21 August and despite they achieved to capture most part of the political exponents, among which also the Head of the State, they were defeated by the loyal forces and also by a veritable popular response.


See Ranks, insignia and uniforms of the Armed Forces of Istalia.

Structure, organization and branchesEdit

The Armed Forces of Istalia are under the command of the Istalian Supreme National Security Council, presided over by the Istalian Emperor but where the Istalian Prime Minister, as head of government, has a leading role. The Istalian Army is commanded by the Chief of the Staff of the Army (Capo di Stato Maggiore dell’Esercito) based in Romula, precisely at the Travertine Palace.

  • Ground Forces Command
    • First Army Command – Romula
      • I Corps
        • 15th Infantery Regiment
        • 8th Infantery Regiment
        • 2nd Assault Infantery Regiment
        • 2nd Armoured Infantry Regiment
        • 11st Artillery Regiment
        • 1st Mortar Battalion
        • 4th Antitank Company
      • IV Corps
        • 5th Infantery Regiment
        • 23rd Infantery Regiment
        • 1st Amphibious Infantry Regiment
        • 3rd Amphibious Infantry Regiment
        • 1st Armoured Infantry Regiment
        • 16th Artillery Regiment
        • 17th Artillery Regiment
        • 15th Mortar Battalion
        • 5th Antitank Company
      • XII Corps
        • 7th Infantery Regiment
        • 27rd Infantery Regiment
        • 11st Infantery Regiment
        • 4th Armoured Infantry Regiment
        • 16th Armoured Cavalry Regiment
        • 16th Artillery Regiment
        • 17th Artillery Regiment
        • 10th Mortar Battalion
        • 5th Antitank Company
    • Second Army Command – Triesta
      • V Corps
        • 27th Infantery Regiment
        • 9th Infantery Regiment
        • 2nd Amphibious Infantry Regiment
        • 5th Armoured Infantry Regiment
        • 5th Armoured Cavalry Regiment
        • 6th Armoured Cavalry Regiment
        • 9th Armoured Cavalry Regiment
        • 10th Artillery Regiment
        • 4th Artillery Regiment
        • 2nd Mortar Battalion
        • 6th Antitank Company
      • III Corps
        • 2nd Infantery Regiment
        • 6th Infantery Regiment
        • 3rd Parachutist Regiment
        • 10th Parachutiest Regiment
        • 11st Parachutiest Regiment
        • 1th Airborne Intruder Force Regiment
        • 9st Artillery Regiment
        • 3rd Mortar Battalion
        • 8th Antitank Company
      • XIII Corps
        • 27th Infantery Regiment
        • 28th Infantery Regiment
        • 10th Armoured Infantry Regiment
        • 17th Armoured Cavalry Regiment
        • 14th Armoured Cavalry Regiment
        • 10th Artillery Regiment
        • 4th Artillery Regiment
        • 11st Mortar Battalion
        • 6th Antitank Company
    • Third Army Command – Turrino
      • II Corps
        • 1st Infantery Regiment
        • 25th Infantery Regiment
        • 12nd Infantery Regiment
        • 3rd Armoured Infantry Regiment
        • 4th Armoured Cavalry Regiment
        • 5th Artillery Regiment
        • 9th Artillery Regiment
        • 1st NBC Defense Regiment
        • 7th Artillery Regiment
        • 12nd Mortar Battalion
        • 10th Antitank Company
      • XV Corps
        • 30th Infantery Regiment
        • 31st Infantery Regiment
        • 32nd Infantery Regiment
        • 11st Armoured Infantry Regiment
        • 15th Armoured Cavalry Regiment
        • 5th Artillery Regiment
        • 9th Artillery Regiment
        • 1st NBC Defense Regiment
        • 7th Artillery Regiment
        • 4th Mortar Battalion
        • 10th Antitank Company
      • IX Corps
        • 26th Infantery Regiment
        • 13rd Infantery Regiment
        • 10th Infantery Regiment
        • 6th Armoured Infantry Regiment
        • 3rd Armoured Cavalry Regiment
        • 7th Armoured Cavalry Regiment
        • 10th Artillery Regiment
        • 6th Artillery Regiment
        • 3rd NBC Defense Regiment
        • 15th Artillery Regiment
        • 5th Mortar Battalion
        • 7th Antitank Company
    • Fourth Army Command – Agirgento
      • VI Corps
        • 16th Infantery Regiment
        • 1st Aiborne Infantery Regiment
        • 2nd Airborne Infantery Regiment
        • 1st Parachutiest Regiment
        • 2nd Parachutiest Regiment
        • 5th Parachutiest Regiment
        • 1st Airborne Artillery Battalion
        • 6th Mortar Battalion
      • X Corps
        • 1st Infantery Regiment
        • 22nd Infantery Regiment
        • 14th Infantery Regiment
        • 9th Armoured Infantry Regiment
        • 1st Armoured Cavalry Regiment
        • 2nd Armoured Cavalry Regiment
        • 10th Artillery Regiment
        • 6th Artillery Regiment
        • 3rd NBC Defense Regiment
        • 13rd Artillery Regiment
        • 13rd Mortar Battalion
        • 11th Antitank Company
      • XIV Corps
        • 5th Infantery Regiment
        • 1st Assault Infantery Regiment
        • 4th Parachutiest Regiment
        • 6th Parachutiest Regiment
        • 7th Parachutiest Regiment
        • 9th Parachutiest Regiment
        • 2nd Airborne Artillery Battalion
        • 12nd Artillery Regiment
        • 17th Mortar Battalion
        • 9th Antitank Company
    • Fifth Army Command – Florenza
      • VII Corps
        • 17th Infantery Regiment
        • 20th Infantery Regiment
        • 7th Armoured Infantry Regiment
        • 8th Armoured Cavalry Regiment
        • 10th Armoured Cavalry Regiment
        • 3rd Artillery Regiment
        • 14th Artillery Regiment
        • 7th Mortar Battalion
      • XI Corps
        • 18th Infantery Regiment
        • 21st Infantery Regiment
        • 8th Armoured Infantry Regiment
        • 11st Armoured Cavalry Regiment
        • 12nd Armoured Cavalry Regiment
        • 3rd Artillery Regiment
        • 16th Artillery Regiment
        • 9th Mortar Battalion
      • XVII Corps
        • 1st Mountain Infantery Regiment
        • 2nd Mountain Infantery Regiment
        • 3rd Mountain Infantery Regiment
        • 3rd Airborne Artillery Battalion
        • 4th Airborne Artillery Battalion
      • XVIII Corps
        • 29th Infantery Regiment
        • 36th Infantery Regiment
        • 7th Armoured Infantry Regiment
        • 8th Armoured Cavalry Regiment
        • 19th Artillery Regiment
        • 18th Mortar Battalion
    • Sixth Army Command – Angona
      • VIII Corps
        • 19th Infantery Regiment
        • 24th Infantery Regiment
        • 10th Amoured Regiment
        • 8th Artillery Regiment
        • 13rd Armoured Cavalry Regiment
        • 8th Mortar Battalion
        • 2nd NBC Defense Regiment
        • 4th NBC Defense Regiment
      • XVI Corps
        • 4th Amphibious Infantry Regiment
        • 5th Amphibious Infantry Regiment
        • 12nd Armoured Infantry Regiment
        • 18th Artillery Regiment
        • 20th Artillery Regiment
        • 16th Mortar Battalion
      • XIX Corps
        • 33rd Infantery Regiment
        • 3rd Infantery Regiment
        • 6th Amphibious Infantry Regiment
        • 7th Amphibious Infantry Regiment
        • 21st Artillery Regiment
        • 19th Mortar Battalion
    • Army Aviation Command Bescara
      • I Army Aviation Brigade
        • 1th Army Aviation Regiment
          • 1st Group
        • 2th Army Aviation Regiment
          • 2nd Group
          • 5th Group
        • 3th Army Aviation Regiment
          • 3rd Group
          • 6th Group
      • II Army Aviation Brigade
        • 4th Army Aviation Regiment
          • 7th Assault Group
        • 5th Army Aviation Regiment
          • 4th Assault Group
          • 8th Assault Group
        • 6th Army Aviation Regiment
          • 9th Group
          • 10th Group
      • III Army Aviation Brigade
        • 7th Army Aviation Regiment
          • 11th Assault Group
        • 8th Army Aviation Regiment
          • 12th Assault Group
          • 13th Assault Group
        • 9th Army Aviation Regiment
          • 15th Group
          • 16th Group
      • IV Army Aviation Brigade
        • 10th Army Aviation Regiment
          • 14th Assault Group
        • 11st Army Aviation Regiment
          • 17th Assault Group
          • 18th Assault Group
        • 12st Army Aviation Regiment
          • 19th Group
          • 20th Group
      • Army Aviation Support Command
        • 1st Aviation Support Regiment
        • 2nd Aviation Support Regiment
        • 3rd Aviation Support Regiment
      • Army Aviation Training Regiment – Viterno Mezzodiurno
  • Projected Forces Central Command
    • Central Majatran Defensive Division Command
    • Seleyan Defensive Division Command
    • Artanian Defensive Division Command
  • Training Command – Sasseri
    • Army Accademy of – Bescara
    • Army School of – Verunia
    • Army School of – Eristano
    • Battle Tank Training Battalion – Eristano
    • Artillery Training Regiment – Lago Secco (Pheykran desert) Mezzodiurno
    • Artillery Training Regiment – Valle Santa Costanza Silicia
  • Logistics Command – Bunogna
  • Nuclear Command – Torre Nevosa Trivendito

Equipement of the Istalian ArmyEdit

Standard issue WeaponsEdit

Type Name Picture Number Notes
Main side gun Verredda 90TS 32,000 90TS details
Main shotgun Verredda Special 12 Gauge Shotgun 5,500 Special 12 Gauge Shotgun details
Main Sub-machine Gun Asvald MP10 50,000 Asvald MP10 details
Main Assault Rifle Verredda Majatran Rifle TX-200 Majatran Rifle 250,000 Verredda Majatran Rifle TX-200 details
Assault Rifle/Granade Launcher Verredda TX-160 Verredda TX160 85,000 Verredda TX-160 details
Sniper Rifle Asvald TTG-30 15,000 Asvald TTG-30 details
Granade Launcher Verredda XGL-200 4,500 Asvald TTG-30 details
Light Machine Gun Asvald-Verredda 5.56mm Agile 5,000 Asvald-Verredda 5.56mm Agile details
Machine Gun Verredda MG-5 45,000 Verredda MG-5 details

Anti-tank, anti-structure and anti-air weaponsEdit

Type Name Picture Number Notes
Anti-Tank Rocket launcher GUDT TC-8 3,800 GUDT TC-8 details
Recoilless Anti-tank weapon Verredda Fulmine-2 2,000 Fulmine-2 details
Anti-Tank/Anti-Air guided missile OTO Al-Mehara Armamenti Giavellotto OTO "Giavellotto" 1,900 Giavellotto details

Combat VehiclesEdit

Type Name Picture Number Notes
Main Battle Tank OTO Al-Mehara Armamenti MBT Corazziere MBT Corazziere 189 MBT Corazziere details
Secondary Main Battle Tank OTO Al-Mehara Armamenti MBT Dragone MBT Dragone 250 MBT Dragone details
Armoured Command Post OTO Al-Mehara Armamenti "Paladino" CP Paladino Command Post 60 "Paladino" CP details
Armoured Fighting Vehicle OTO Al-Mehara Armamenti "Paladino" Assault Paladino IVF Assault 350 "Paladino" Assault details
Armoured Personnel Carrier OTO Al-Mehara Armamenti "Paladino" Carrier Paladino IVF Carrier 400 "Paladino" Carrier details
Armored Mortar OTO Al-Mehara Armamenti "Paladino" Mortar Paladino Mortar 130 "Paladino" Mortar details
Armored Ambulance Vehicle OTO Al-Mehara Armamenti "Paladino" Ambulance Paladino Ambulance 42 "Paladino" Ambulance details
Tank Destroyers/Assault Gun OTO Al-Mehara Armamenti AMVP "Lanciere" AT/AG Leonardi AT AG 100 "Lanciere" AT/AG details
Armoured Multirole Fighting Vehicle OTO Al-Mehara Armamenti APC "Guardiano" MAV-IFV Guardiano APC 210 "Guardiano" APC details
Amphibious Assault Vehicle OTO Al-Mehara Armamenti AAV "Incursore" Incursore AAV 88 "Lanciere" AAV details
Crawler Infantry fighting vehicle OTO Al-Mehara Armamenti "Pantera Nera" Pantera Nera IFV 92 "Pantera Nera" details
Multi-role Medium Tactical Vehicle COVEIN VTMM-120 "Orso" VTMM-120 Orso 410 VTMM-120 "Orso" details
Armoured Recon/Fighting Vehicle OTO-COVEIN "Lince" AFV Lince 578 "Lince" details
Light Multirole Vehicle COVEIN Light LMV-100 "Ghepardo" Ghepardo LMV 550 "Ghepardo" details


Type Name Picture Number Notes
Crawler Self-Propelled Howitzer Theil-Hassel Technologies GmbH H-2000 H-2000 150 H-2000 details
Wheeled Self-Propelled Howitzer OTO Al-Mehara Armamenti AMVP "Lanciere" SPH Leonardi SPH 100 "Lanciere" SPH details
Heavy Field Howitzer Artemjevskij Oruzhejnyj Kombinat H-70C 155mm Artemjevskij Oruzhejnyj Kombinat H-70C 155mm 180 H-70C 155mm details
Field Howitzer Theil-Hassel Technologies MHFH-200 Theil-Hassel Technologies MHFH-200 290 MHFH-200 details
Multiple rocket launcher Artanian Defense Group Rocket System M-500 Artanian Defense Group Rocket System M-500 95 M-500 details


Type Name Picture Number Notes
Heavy Mortar OTO Al-Mehara Armamenti FM-120 760 MF-120 details
Mortar OTO Al-Mehara Armamenti M-60mm 450 M-60mm details

Air DefenseEdit

Type Name Picture Number Notes
Rocket Air Defense System OTO Al-Mehara Armamenti "Cobra" Air defense platform Cobra Air Defence System 185 "Cobra" details
Wheeled Air Defence Vehicle OTO Al-Mehara Armamenti "Paladino" Air Defence Paladino Air defence 90 "Paladino" Air Defence details
Wheeled Air Defense Vehicle OTO Al-Mehara Armamenti AMVP "Lanciere" AD Leonardi AD 65 "Lanciere" AD details

Army Air forceEdit

Type Name Picture Number Notes
Recon and Attack Helicopter Leonardi-Ajace LAH-4000 "Cobra" LAH-4000 Cobra 290 LAH-4000 "Cobra" details
Recon and Attack Helicopter Leonardi LH-130C "Calabrone" LH-130C Calabrone 75 LH-130C "Calabrone" details
Tactic Transport Aircraft Ajace Aeronautics MC-47 "Titano" Ajace MC-47 Titano 46 Ajace MC-47 "Titano" details
Transport Aircraft Leonardi LA T20 "Colossus" Leonardi LA T20 ''Colossus'' 52 LA T20 "Colossus" details
Heavy transport helicopter Jiraiya Heavy Industries JH-1 "Heimdall" 43 JH-1 "Heimdall" details
Super-medium multirole/transport helicopter Leonardi LH-131M Leonardi LH 131M 65 LH-131M details
Multi-role helicopter Leonardi LH-200 Leonardi LH 200 91 LH-200 details

Coat of arms and mottoEdit

Coat of Arms of the Imperial ArmyEdit

The Istalian Army adopted a new coat of arms in the 4572 after the Imperial Reform. It consists of a golden bordered blue escutcheon on which insist a golden Imperial Coat of Arms above a Star of Istalia. Behind the escutcheon there two crossed silver sword above an olive branch and an oak branch, which encircle the escutcheon, which are in turn bound together by a ribbon with the national colors of Istalia.


The previous Republican Coat of Arms (4046-4572)Edit

Coat of Arms of the Istalian Army

Republican Coat of Arms

Previously the foundation of the Empire, the Istalian Army adopted a coat of arms based on what was known as Senna's Arms Design, which was the design scheme used by the Navy and the Air Force: a modern selucian shield divided in sections by a red rhombus with in the middle the symbol of the Army while shield and sections were golden bordered. The triangular sections in the upper quarters were colored with the tipically istalian colors green and red while the bottom section was military green. Above the shield there was a mural crown.


The motto of the Imperial Army is "Sia la difesa dell'Impero la legge suprema" (in Luthorian: The safeguard of the Empire shall be the supreme law), almost the same of the previous republican Army but a little modified: in place of Empire was used the word Fatherland.
It was a solution both to underligne the new imperial status of the Nation and to continue to pay homage to the origin of such motto.
"The safeguard of the Fatherland shall be the supreme law" was adopted by the Resistance Forces during the last period of the struggles to kick out of Istalia the Quanzarian invasors and then was used also under the forces of the CNIL, the Consiglio Nazionale Istaliano di Liberazione (National istalian Council for the Liberation) of 3363, during the fight against the third Quanzarian monarchy and which led to the foundation of the Fourth Istalian Republic.
The motto embodies all the patriotic sentiments of Istalians who for centuries have fought and are dead to retake and liberate the fatherland.

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