Istalian National Party
PresidentAmelio Perrelli
Deputy PresidentArcadio Troiani
FoundedAugust 4619
Student wingStudenti Nazionali
Youth wingGioventù Nazionale
IdeologyIstalian nationalism

National conservativism
Social conservativism

Right-wing populism
Political positionRight-wing
Colours     Midnight Blue
National Assembly
141 / 681
Regional Governors
2 / 5
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[[Category:Political parties in {{{state}}}]]The Partito Nazionale Istaliano (LuthorianIstalian National Party or PNI) is an Istalian political party, that was founded in 4619 by Amelio Perrelli.

History[edit | edit source]

After the 4621 Istalian general election, the party succesfully gains 80 seats in the Istalian National Assembly, becoming the 6th largest party in the Empire. After negotiations with other right-winged parties in the Empire the party succesfully formed a governing coalition with the Natural Law League, the National Conservative Party and the National Alliance for the Empire and received two ministries. Following the 4629 Elections, the party faces a major victory and becomes the larges party in the empire and forms a coalition government with the National Conservative Party and the Natural Law League.

Political ideology[edit | edit source]

The party's main ideology is Istalian nationalism and National conservatism, it also uses a populist rhetoric.

Electoral Results[edit | edit source]

Legislative elections
Date Leader Votes Seats Position Regional Gvt. Government
# % Total +/−
4621 Amelio Perrelli 5,018,679 10.54
80 / 681
Increase 80 Increase 6th
1 / 5
4625 5,889,769 10.83
68 / 681
Decrease 14 Steady 6th
1 / 5
4629 11,181,195 20.03
141 / 681
Increase 73 Increase 1st
2 / 5

Leaders[edit | edit source]

Portrait Name Term Note
Amelio Perrelli.jpg
Amelio Perrelli 4619 - present Prime Minister: 4629 - present
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