Istalian National Party
PresidentAmelio Perrelli
Deputy PresidentArcadio Troiani
FoundedAugust 4619
Student wingStudenti Nazionali
Youth wingGioventù Nazionale
IdeologyIstalian nationalism

National conservativism
Social conservativism

Right-wing populism
Political positionRight-wing
Colours     Midnight Blue
National Assembly
141 / 681
Regional Governors
2 / 5
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[[Category:Political parties in {{{state}}}]]The Partito Nazionale Istaliano (LuthorianIstalian National Party or PNI) is an Istalian political party, that was founded in 4619 by Amelio Perrelli.

History Edit

After the 4621 Istalian general election, the party succesfully gains 80 seats in the Istalian National Assembly, becoming the 6th largest party in the Empire. After negotiations with other right-winged parties in the Empire the party succesfully formed a governing coalition with the Natural Law League, the National Conservative Party and the National Alliance for the Empire and received two ministries. Following the 4629 Elections, the party faces a major victory and becomes the larges party in the empire and forms a coalition government with the National Conservative Party and the Natural Law League.

Political ideology Edit

The party's main ideology is Istalian nationalism and National conservatism, it also uses a populist rhetoric.

Electoral Results Edit

Legislative elections
Date Leader Votes Seats Position Regional Gvt. Government
#  % Total +/−
4621 Amelio Perrelli 5,018,679 10.54
80 / 681
Increase 80 Increase 6th
1 / 5
4625 5,889,769 10.83
68 / 681
Decrease 14 Steady 6th
1 / 5
4629 11,181,195 20.03
141 / 681
Increase 73 Increase 1st
2 / 5

Leaders Edit

Portrait Name Term Note
Amelio Perrelli
Amelio Perrelli 4619 - present Prime Minister: 4629 - present
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