Navy of the Istalian Empire
Marina Militare dell'Impero Istaliano
Istalian Imperial Navy Arms
Coat of arms of the Istalian Imperial Navy
Founded 16 December 2262
Country Istalian Empire
Allegiance Ministry of Defense (Istalia)
Branch Armed Forces of the Istalian Empire
Type Navy
Size 142,000 active personnel
Motto Il mare non dividerà la Patria (The sea will not divide the Fatherland)
Capo di Stato Maggiore della Marina Militare
(Chief of the Staff of the Navy)
Ammiraglio di Squadra Navale Stefano Mainardi

The Navy of the Istalian Empire (Istalian: Marina Militare dell'Impero Istaliano), also Istalian Imperial Navy, is the naval component of the Armed Forces of the Istalian Empire. The Istalian Navy is renowned for its ancient traditions, which roots lays deep in the Istalian people, a people of sailors like their Selucian ancestors and for which the sea was important also for the geographical features of Istalia, formed by a mainland and an island (the Motto itself of the Navy is a reference to this feature of the country).
However, the Istalian Navy for centuries was mainly dedicated to the domestic defence of the territorial waters while only around 42nd century, due to the expansion of istalian interests globally, it became the foundamental force of Istalia for the projection of its force all over the world. The Istalian Navy at the end of 45th century had up to 175 ships and some 142,000 service personnel and managed several permanent base abroad, the most relevant being the the the Matteo Madei Air-Naval Base in Malivia, shared with the Air Force, and the Puerto Vallejo's Istalian Naval Base in Lodamun; previously, the main istalian military base abroad was the Costa de Oro base in Baltusia, where the men assigned to the bease, around the half of 44th century, reached almost 18 thousands.

The Navy's commander officers is the Chief of the Staff of the Navy (Capo di Stato Maggiore della Marina), who is responsible to the Minister of the Defense. He is assisted by the Deputy Chief of the Staff of the Navy.

The "Ingrisiani" Marine Brigade, the best and most professional of the special forces of the Istalian Armed Forces is part of the Navy.

The SSBN units of the Navy are probably the more privileged way of the strategic nuclear plans of Istalia to deploy its nuclear arsenal around the world, using among the most powerful warheads carried by advanced missiles. The last generation of them is the MDT-055A Albarossa, with a range of over 10.000 km and equiped with MARV warheads.

Ships' Identifying CodeEdit

Istalian Navy ships are identified by a alphanumeric code consisting of a number preceded by a group of letter (two or three), the first of which is always "N", which stand for Nave, Ship in istalian, and colloquially each unit is called in this form Nave + Name of the ship (in istalian the units of the Navy are preceded by the masculine article while the civil units by feminine one); for example the code NC 529 identified the destroyer Karim Al-Maktum ("C" stands for Cacciatorpediniere, the istalian term for Destroyer), officially known as NC 529 Karim Al-Maktum, which is colloquially called Nave Karim Al-Maktum or simply il Karim Al-Maktum (il is the singular masculine definite article).
Civilian boat used but not owned by the Navy and scientific vessels are identified by four number: 1000 series for the not owned vessels and 1100 series for the scientific ones.


List of the active ships and equipements into the Istalian Navy (4570)Edit


Type Class Picture Naval ID Ships Notes
Nuclear Aircraft Carrier (NP) Fortezza Class Fortezza Class Aircraft Carrier NP 642
NP 649
NP 658

NP 660
NP 663

Diligenza (In reserve)
Speranza (In reserve)
Fortezza Class details
Multirole LHD (NA) Impero Class NA Impero NA 664
NP 665
Impero Class details
Amphibious Assault Ship (NA) Ardito Class AAS Ardito Class NA 542
NA 543
NA 551
NA 553
Ardito Class details
Guided Missile Destroyer/Cruiser (NCM) Imperator Class Imperator class destroyer NCM 624
NCM 625
NCM 626
NCM 629
NCM 631
NCM 637
NCM 639
NCM 641
NCM 650
Imperator Class details
Guided Missile Destroyer/Cruiser (NCM) Alessandro Senna Class (Improved Imperator Class) Alessandro Senna class NCM 491
NCM 478
NCM 479
NCM 486
NCM 487
NCM 504
NCM 505
NCM 508
NCM 509
NCM 511
Alessandro Senna
Francesco Toso
Beatrice Zorelin
Andrea Romino
Lorenzo Verhoeven
Filippo Marra
Nicola Gasbarro
Gianluigi Rosso
Betta Maddaloni
Demetrio Votta
Renowed and improved Imperator Class
Frigate (NF) Lupo Class
Lupo Class Frigate
NF 482
NF 483
NF 490
NF 500
NF 501
NF 502
NF 506
NF 507
NF 512
NF 517
NF 522
Lupo Class details
Conventional Attack Submarine (NS) Nautilo Class NS 478 Nautilo NS 478
NS 482
NS 489
NS 491
NS 492
NS 493
NS 496
Nautilo Class details
Nuclear Attack/Cruise missile submarine (NSNM) Romula Class Romula Class Nuclear Attack Submarine NSNM 494
NSNM 495
NSNM 497
NSMN 498
NSMN 513
NSMN 514
NSMN 519
NSMN 523
NSMN 524
NSMN 533
NSMN 535
NSMN 537
Romula Class details
Nuclear Strategic Submarine (NSNS) Vittorioso Class Vittorioso Class nuclear ballistic missile submarine NSNS 604
NSNS 615
NSNS 617

NSNS 618
NSNS 619
NSNS 620

Grandioso (In reserve)
Maestoso (In reserve)
Illustre (In reserve)
Vittorioso Class details
Multirole Offshore Patrol Vessel (NPT) Soldato Class Multipurpose Patrol Boat Combattente Class NPT 515
NPT 516
NPT 520
NPT 523
NPT 524
NPT 526
NPT 552
NPT 558
NPT 565
NPT 532
NPT 549
NPT 550
NPT 558
NPT 571
NPT 572
NPT 575
NPT 576
NPT 577
Soldato Class details
Minehunter (NCM) Sestante Class Sestante Class NCM 477
NCM 480
NCM 481
NCM 484
NCM 485
NCM 510
NCN 556
NCN 561
Rosa dei Venti
Sestante Class details

Auxiliary shipsEdit

Type Class Picture Naval ID Ships Notes
Logistic Support Ship (NAL) Karim Al-Maktum Class Karim Al-Maktum Class NAL 529
NAL 534
NAL 592
NAL 605
NAL 620
NAL 621
Karim Al-Maktum
Mirco Gelsomini
Carlo Ambi
Vito Filanti
Hassan Livori
Nino Antinori
Karim Al-Maktum Class details
Fuel Tankers (NAC) Several Classes NAC 1001
NAC 1002
NAC 1003
NAC 1004
Calma Piatta
This ships are about to be abandoned thanks to the entry into service of the Al-Maktum Class
Container Ships (NAP) Leviatano class Leviatano Class NAP 622
NAP 623
Roccia del Mare
Leviatano Class
Research and multi-purpose support ships (NAM) Several type of ships NAM 1101
NAM 1102
NAM 1103
NAM 1104

Navy Air forceEdit

Type Name Picture Number Notes
Air Superiority Fighter Ajace Aeronautics AF-43 Falco F-43 385 Info about the F-43
Strike Fighter JetStream HF-35s 250 HF-35s details
Aircraft Fighter Artanian Group F-8C 40 F-8C details
Transport Aircraft Leonardi LA T20 "Colossus" Leonardi LA T20 ''Colossus'' 31 LA T20 "Colossus" details
Super-medium multirole/transport helicopter Leonardi LH-131M Leonardi LH 131M 48 LH-131M details
Medium multirole/Utility helicopter Leonardi LH-200 Leonardi LH 200 75 LH-200 details
Anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and medium-lift transport/Utility helicopter Leonardi LA-500 "Stregone" Leonardi LA-500 "Stregone" 61 LA-500 "Stregone" details
UAV Leonardi UAV-M C5 "Passero" 500 UAV-M C5 "Passero" details

Coat of arms, ensign and mottoEdit

Coat of Arms of the Imperial NavyEdit

The Istalian Navy adopted a new coat of arms in 4572 after the Imperial Reform. It presents an olive branch and an oak branch bound together by a ribbon with the national colors of Istalia which encircle a golden circle of rope surmounted by a Naval Crown, containing on a blue background a silver anchor behind another thinner circle of rope around a golden Imperial Coat of Arms above a Star of Istalia, also on a blue background. Finally, two silver swords are crossed behind the largest circle of rope.

The previous Republican Coat of Arms (4046-4572)Edit

Coat of Arms of the Istalian Navy

Republican Coat of Arms

The republican Navy adopted a Coat of Arms based on the so called Senna's Arms Design, used also by the Army and the Air Force: a modern selucian shield divided into sections by a deep blue rhombus with in the middle a tipically sea anchor as symbol of the Navy, while shield and sections were golden bordered. The triangular sections in the upper quarters were colored with the tipically istalian colors green and red while the lower section was coulored of Azur. Above the shield there were a naval crown.

Naval EnsignEdit

Imperial Ensign of Istalian Navy

Naval ensign of the Istalian Imperial Navy

The Naval Ensign of the Istalian Navy is essentialy an Istalian flag where the Coat of arms of the Istalian Empire is replaced by the Coat of Arms of the Navy.


The motto of the Istalian Navy, Il mare non dividerà la Patria (The sea will not divide the Fatherland in luthorian), comes from a famous sentence pronounced by Arturo Gabriele II, King of Istalia between 1855 and 1863, when, during one of the numberous war against the Quanzar Emirate, some of his councilors proposed to retire the forces on the island using the Strait of Ingris more as a favorable defensive line against the quanzar assaults, a real renunciation of sovereignty over the rest of the peninsula in the eyes of the King who with his sentence refused to use the sea just as a defensive perimeter and so leave the rest of the Country to his fate.
Having greatly impressed the high Navy hierarchies, against the proposals of the King's councilors, the sentece was adopted as official motto of at the time royal navy and later adopted also by the Navy of the first Istalian Republic in 2262.

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