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Popolari per l'Istalia
Istalian People's Party
Logo PPI
Party Leader
December 2635
Romula, Mezzodiurno
Repubblica Istaliana
Student Wing
Youth Wing
Youth of the Istalian People's Party
Liberal-conservatism, Hosian democracy, Hosianism, internationalism
International Affiliation
International Centrist Alliance
Official Color
Political Position
Camera dei Deputati
0 / 635
Senato della Repubblica
0 / 100
Politics of Istalia
Political parties in Istalia
Elections in Istalia

The Istalian People's Party (Popolari per l'Istalia, PPI) was a moderate political party in Istalia. The party first contested the 2635 elections, and has remained a major party for most of its history. The party experienced periods of inactivity but each time it was reformed was able to maintain ita position of one of the main istalian parties.
The party was dissolved the last time in 4201 after having contested its last elections in 4199.


Already known as "LOST Party" and "Coalition for Istalia", the party changed its name then in Partito Repubblicano Istaliano in 3355 because of the Quanzar invasion of Istalia. Against this adverse condition, the PRI along with the other forces of CLNI fought to restore republican democracy and has finally won. Having re-established the Republic, it remained in the nerve of istalian politics until the present. In 3383 it chenged its name in "Centro Democratico per la Nazione" and aggregates around itself all the moderate political forces. In October 3606 the party was re-founded under the name of "Popolari per l'Istalia"


The Popolari per l'Istalia was a moderate party of the center that collects the ancient and precious heritage of the historical popular political parties of Istalia to bring together all the liberal-conservative forces of the Republic Istaliana in the sign of governmental responsibility. In economy it was liberal and internationalist in foreign policy.

Political goalsEdit

1 - The Party was based on the principles of popularism, whose purpose to represent democratically the founding principles of the person: the human rights and duties. The Populars believe that the best way to ensure democratic representation of all political energies of a people is a presidential republic to parliamentary structure. Populars in the economy are against unbridled liberalism that suppresses human rights, while supporting a reduction in the role of the state in the lives of citizens and in the economic sphere, promising a rapid recovery of the economy;

2 - Ensuring the defense of the dignity 'of all human life, from conception to natural death;

3 - Recovery of Istalian identity and enhancement of its history;

4 - Extra-national agreements for economic and political cooperation. Creation of the United States of Majatra - enlargement to the whole continent Majatra the Treaty "Majatran Union of Nations" ( Diplomatic struggle against all forms of violence;

5 - Institutional structure: we believe that the best way to administer the political power is this: presidentialism. The head of government must also be President of the Republic and he alone can express a toilet. So citizens directly elect their government and there will be full democracy.

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