Total population
~ 131 million
Nations with significant populations
Italia Istalia ~ 76 million
GaduridosFlagAa Gaduridos ~ 25 million
Greater Tukarese Flag Tukarali ~ 17 million
Kirlawan Flag Kirlawa ~ 5 million
Related ethnic groups
Selucian, Canrillaise, Egelian

The Istalians (Istalian: Istaliani) are the dominant ethnic group of Istalia, their fatherland, and thanks to past migrations outside Istalia we can found significant istalian minorities in some other nations, the most consistend in Gaduridos where 26% of people declare to belong to the istalian ethnicity (in Gaduridos they call themself Vintallian, after the name of the largest island of Gaduridos, Vintalli. Other consistent istalian minorities are present in Tukarali, where 17% of people declare itself to belong to the istalian ethnicity, and in Kirlawa where we can find 5 million of kirlawans which declare themself to descend from istalian migrants.


See also History of Istalia
The history of the istalians is closely linked to the events of their native land and in fact the istalians are a relatively recent recognized ethnicity. The same istalians developed a sense of istalianity only under the Quanzari occupation of their native land which had started being know overall as Istalia only in the last century of the modern period (since the XVIII century, previously only the island of Alaria was known as Istalia or Estalia and in fact here developed the Kingdom of Istalia. But actually the roots of the istalian people go back thousands of years until the Selucian people which established several colonies in Alaria and on the shores of the Sarrentina Peninsula, influencing greatly one of the oldest civilization of Majatra and also of the world, the civilization of Qolshamih, and than became the main culture of the people living in the island and in the peninsula. The Istalian later were influenced then by some foreign dominations, first the Augustan Empire and then the Ahmadi civilization, first conquered by the Caliphate and then by Emirate of Quanzar. As said, under the Quanzari rule, in Alaria arise definitively the sense of the istalian ethnicity and was definitively developed the concept of the istalian fatherland and began so a centuries long struggle against the foreign invader which was concluded only in 2110 of the contemporary era with the fall of the Quanzari Emirate. The Istalian Republic, the first modern true istalian nation, was finally founded definitively in the 2235.


Istalian is the only known East-Selucic language and currently is the closest languange to the Selucian. It is spoken as first language by some 99 million of people almost entirely in Istalia where it is the official language of the Istalian Republic.

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