Istalians' Day (Istalian: Giorno degli Istaliani), also known as First Republic Day, is an official national holiday celebrated in Istalia on 2 May each year, since 2264, commemorating the foundation of the First Istalian Republic as first modern Istalian democratic nation encompassing the whole Peninsula and Island freed from any foreign domination.

Under the First Republic the 2 May was known as Republic Day and was both National and Republic Day of Istalia. After the end of the first republic, instead, the 2 May remained national holiday but it was renamed with the current name continuing to celebrate the liberation of the Istalian People from any form of foreign domination and the reconquest of control over their own destiny.
Although the Quanzarian Republic, founded in 2233, was actually the first democratic regime led by Istalians, it was a solution adopted after the fall of the Union of Quanzari Soviets as a compromise reached with the still influential Majatran political and military elite which, loosing all the residual influence on the state in the following 30 years, allowed to the Istalians to establish their own first republic only in 2263.

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