István Balogh
Official Portrait on Inauguration
President of the Directorial Republic
In office
December 4756 – January 4761
Vice PresidentMárton Albert
Preceded byArchbishop Péter Erdő
Succeeded byVincze Dávid
Supreme Councilor of NPIP
Assumed office
4756 December
Succeeded byArchbishop Péter Erdő
Chaplain of NPIP
In office
4742 December – 4756 December
Preceded byArchbishop Péter Erdő
Succeeded byVáradi Lajos
Personal details
BornAugust, 4715
Political partyNew Patriarchal Integralist Party
EducationDoctorate in both Theology and Canon Law
Alma materPontifical University of Endralon

Father István Balogh is a priest and politician in Endralon for the New Patriarchal Integralist Party. Born during the Second Endralonese Civil War.

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