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Jack Lilliath

President of the Republic of Luthori- First Term
In office
4608 – 4611
Preceded by
Succeeded by

In office
4594 – August 4621
Preceded by
Pierre Morrison

Member of the Imperial Diet
In office
4568 – 4620

President of the Republic of Luthori- Second Term
In office
4617 – August 4619
Preceded by
Succeeded by

Political party
Politician, Statesman

Jack Lilliath (4544-4630) was the leader of the Communist Party of Luthori since 4594 until 4621 and was the president of the Republic of Luthori from 4608 to 4611 and from 4617 to August 4619. 

Biography Edit

Jack Lilliath was born from a middle-class family in 4544. He attends primary school, high school and then college where he studies law. He becomes interested in politics at the age of 20 when he joins the CPL. He becomes the youngest deputy in parliament when he gets elected in 4568, at the age of 24. He is re-elected many times. In 4594, following the bad results of his party and the resignation of Pierre Morrisson, he is elected president of the CPL. He starts running for president at every election since 4596 and reaches the second round every time.

In 4621, at 76 years old, Jack Lilliath decides to retire from politics. Its daughter, Diana Lilliath becomes the candidate for the presidency, while Harry Franklin is elected leader of the CPL.

Jack Lilliath dies in his sleep on the 25th of February 4630, at the age of 85 years old.

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