Jack Pierson
Member of Imperial Diet
Assumed office
August 4757
Leader of the Luthori First
In office
August 4757 – February 4758
Preceded byDaniel Pierson
Leader of the The Purple Guard
In office
February 4758 – March 4783
Imperator of the Holy Luthorian Empire
In office
July 4765 – June 4766
Imperator of the Holy Luthorian Empire
In office
January 4769 – August 4772
Personal details
BornJuly 8th 4735
Political partyLuthori First
Domestic partnerLisa Loffs
MotherElisabeth Pierson
FatherDaniel Pierson
Military service
Branch/serviceImperial Army
Years of service3
Unit3rd Infantry Brigade
Colonel Jack Pierson is the current leader of Luthori First. He is a highly militaristic and power-hungry person. He would do anything to get control of the military. He has been criticized for making a deal with the CPL, even though Luthori First is one of the most anti-communist parties. Jack also believes in socialist values and state-ownership even though being the leader of one of the most notorious right wing parties in Luthori.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Jack was raised by his father to be very patriotic and obedient, and even sent him to a very strict Patriot's Camp. He lived most of his childhood on similar camps when his father was heavily involved in politics.

In the military Edit

Jack joined the Imperial Army in 4753 at the age of 18. He was assigned in the 3rd Infantry Brigade. Because of his obedience schooling for most of his childhood, he succeeded greatly in the Army and achieved the rank of colonel and the lead over the unit after the death of his commander.

Life in Politics Edit

He resigned from military in August of 4757 and decided to join into his father's party Luthori First.

He inherited the title of leader of Luthori First when his father, Daniel Pierson died in late August of 4757.

January 4758 Jack Pierson accepted a power-sharing deal with CPL and agreed to pass communist bills in exchange for letting him lead the Military and Police forces.

He is currently the Secretary of State for Defence.

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