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Jakanian Populist Action Party
Cakan Popülist Hareketi Partisi
FounderTemiz Ozkan
Founded20th century
Dissolved27th century
IdeologyJakanian nationalism
Party flag
Flag of Jakania.png

The Jakanian Populist Action Party (Turjak: Cakan Popülist Hareketi Partisi), sometimes translated as the Jakanian Populist Movement Party, was a political party in Jakania between the end of the 20th century and the mid 27th century.

Founded by Temiz Ozkan, the party is associated with the revolutionary democratic and republican movement that created the modern Jakanian state and was the primary electoral vehicle for the philosophy of Ozkanism for many centuries. Since its dissolution, many parties have claimed to be the spiritual successor to the party and some have even contested elections under the same name.