Janne II

Empress of Hulstria

Archduchess of Vorona

Father Konrad I of Vorona
Mother Cecilia Gorsky
Spouse Klaus Gustav IV of Hulstria
Titles and Styles
  • HIM the Empress of Hulstria
  • HRH the Archduchess of Vorona
Date of Birth May 6th, 2801
Date of Death August 1st, 2894
Residence Fliederbrunn Palace
Imperial Dynasty House of Bavoria

Her Royal & Supreme Majesty Archduchess Janne II of Vorona, Empress of Hulstria (b. May 6th, 2801 - d. August 1st, 2894) was the reigning monarch of Vorona from 2841 to 2894 and former consort of Klaus Gustav IV of Hulstria; Janne II was the middle child of Konrad I of Vorona and Cecilia Gorsky. In 2841, a year after the assassination of her older brother, Crown Prince Johanne of Vorona, Janne, who was restricted to assume the throne because of her gender as a woman, led a coup to overthrow her father [Konrad I] to assume the Voronian throne; the coup was bloodless. Princess Janne, who had been against her father's absoulte monarchy, transformed the Archduchy of Vorona into a Protestant consitutional monarchy and reversed many of Konrad's strict laws, including establishing a democratically elected parliament. Janne II was supported by the majority of the political parties in Vorona and by the people; with enough support, she was formally coronated as Archduchess Janne II of Vorona. Her husband, Klaus Gustav, was then styled as the Archduke of Vorona. Following Janne's death, the couple's second child and daughter, Adela, was given the Voronian throne as Adela I under the new protestant cadent branch of the House of Rothingren-Traugott, the House of Bavoria, while Maximilian was given Greater Hulstria as Maximilian VII. When Klaus Gustav became Emperor of Hulstria in 2856, Janne was given the title "Empress of Hulstria".

Titles & Styles Edit

Hulstrian Phoenix Flag
Imperial Crownlands of Greater Hulstria:
  • Archduchess of Hulstria (14 April 2829 - 24 September 2856)
  • Crown Princess of Hulstria (23 May 2834 - 24 September 2856)
  • Empress of Hulstria (24 September 2856 - )
Primary form of address
  • Her Imperial Majesty Archduchess Janne of Hulstria
  • Her Imperial Majesty Janne, Empress of Hulstria
Vorona Royal Flag
Archduchy of Vorona:
  • Princess of Vorona
  • Archduchess of Vorona
Primary form of address
  • Her Royal Majesty Princess Janne von Bavoria
  • Her Royal Majesty Janne II, Archduchess of Vorona

Full Title: Her Royal Majesty Janne, Archduchess of Vorona, Empress of Hulstria, Countess of Pulond, Grand Duchess of Barovia & Vojnov Pokrik, Duchess of Reinfeld, Duchess of Ziegendorf, Margravine of Hømvejile, Countess of Vesterbæk

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