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Jelbic-Augustan Wars
Jelb-aug wars.png
Date February 3625 - March 3642
Location Jelbania




Jelbek horseman flag.png Jelbania

Barma.png Barmenia

Black horde.png Black Horde (from 3637)

Vanukufederalflag.png Vanuku (from 3637)

New augustan empire.png Augustan Empire

Vanukufederalflag.png Vanuku (until 3637)

  • Khan Eksandr Frjdnu
  • General Petr Frjsrl
  • Bék Sagzi Jlekaisrmko Nubaékndz
  • Emperor Chikere
  • Colonel Dawit Gemeda


  • Queen Nour I
  • General Tbirus Trakhai
  • General Emed Halidsrimko

Black Horde:

  • Atabék Apolinario Praksitelo
  • Atabék Abdlá Halídék
  • Atabék Omr Ám'ádék
Augustan Empire:
  • Grand Domestic Hilario Ejrenajo
  • Domestic of the North Olimpiodoro Plutarĥo
  • Domestic of the South Mahrem Yordanos
  • Domestic of the South Apanoub Phamshe
  • Tribuno de Peditoj Apolinario Praksitelo


  • Prefect Arthur van Zanten
  • Prefect General Gradus J. Tripp
  • Colonel Margreet Sera

The Jelbic-Augustan Wars is the collective name for a number of conflicts between the Jelbic nations of Jelbania, Barmenia and Vanuku, and the Augustan Empire. In 3637, the Black Horde, initially one of the Augustan Empire's armies with the addition of Brmek and Jelbek conscripts, joined the war against the Augustan Empire under the leadership of Temrkai Khan.

The Augustan-Jelbanian War, fought between the Augustan Empire and the Khanate of Jelbania between 3625 and 3633, resulted in the defeat of Jelbania and its incorporation into the Empire under the unofficial control of Nikandro Heraklito. The Barmenia-Vanuku War of 3627-3638 between Vanuku, allied with the Augustan Empire, and Barmenia, ended with the conquest of Barmenia by Nikandro Heraklito and the latter's rebellion against the Augustan Empire as Termkai Khan. Temrkai's War (3637-3642) was the last of the conflicts, and was fought between Temrkai Khan's Black Horde and the Empire, resulting in the fall of the Augustan Empire and the creation of a short-lived empire ruled by the Black Horde, which would eventually disintegrate in 3647 after Temrkai's death.