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The Jelbic Sea, also known as the Middelartanian Sea or Mittartanian Sea, is a marginal sea of the Mad Dog Ocean, which borders the South Ocean to the south.


The name 'Jelbic Sea' is controversial. Primarily used in Indrala and its former colonial territories, the name is believed to derive from a time when the Indralan word for the Jelbic peoples was the same as the word for 'savage' or 'dangerous'. When early Indralan cartographers and oceanographers chose a name for the sea, it was named due to the treacherous waters in the region. Over time, the language changed and the meaning was confused.

Some modern historians have criticised the continued use of the name due to its historical inaccuracy (the Jelbics have no meaningful link to the body of water) however attempts to changed the name in everyday usage have been unsuccessful.

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