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Jeltarian Empire
Jeltarian Empire
Motto:God Favors Us
Area 4,028,100 sq km
Perimor, Doron Akigo, Rilmos, Ushalande, Baniray, Alazinder, Nemawar, Darali, Turadrad, Dissuwa
Government Type Imperial Monarchy
Viceroy Dick Dickerson III, Vacant
Head of State Party Left Monarchist Front, Vacant
Language Latin, French, Slavic, Jelbek
Capital Civitas Ab Kennedy, Jelbania
Largest City Civitas Ab Kennedy, Jelbania
Population 536,161,131
Density 133.11
Founded February 2656
Currency Jelbania, Deltarian
Currency Abbreviation JEL,DEL
Sport Jelbanian Football
Animal Aquilla
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The Jeltarian Empire (2658-2679) was composed of Jelbania, Deltaria, and all colonies owned or conquered within the Empire. The Jeltarian Empire owned at one time two thirds of Vascania as Namviet. The Jeltarian Empire borders Wantuni to the east, Jakania to the south, Zardugal to the west, and Vanuku to the north. Roughly half of Lake Majatra belongs to the Jeltarian Empire.


The Jeltarian Empire formed in 2658 as the Deltarian-Jelbanian Empire. The empire was created through the mutual cooperation of Jelbanian Monarch Steven P. Kennedy VI, his sister Cameron Kennedy, and Deltarian Monarch Matyas Cveltoz.

Negotiations continued between 2658-2662 on the direction of the empire. Matyas wanted to take the empire into a police state and was supportive of the New World Order. Steven P. Kennedy VI was a firm ruler but not to the extent as Deltaria. He also had reservations with the New World Order and secretly instructed the Jelbanian Left Monarchist Front to fail the New World Order treaty in Jelbania.

Concerned for the Kennedy legacy and the people of Deltaria, Cameron Kennedy secretly funded and brought foreign parties to Deltaria to undermine her despotic husband. In 2662, Matyas lost majority control of the country and in 2666 his opposition gained the upper hand with a super majority.

Between 2666-2668, Cameron took command of Deltaria away from her deceased husband's ruling party. The Deltarian culture adopted Latin, many of the cities were renamed and rebuilt with Latin architecture. Cameron also firmly rejected the New World Order and helped found the Trade Federation of Terra, a para-military organization designed for mutual self defense.