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Jim Kelton
Jim Kelton

Politician, Diplomat
Preceded by
Succeeded by

August 7th, 2416
Royal Pelium, Pelias, Lorrod, Sekowo
Political party
Statesman, Diplomat
Reform Judaism

Jim Kelton was a politician of the Democratic Socialists Party of Sekowo.


Little is known about Mr. Kelton's early life as he immigrated to Sekowo at a time when much information on immigration was either destroyed or simply not recorded.

Political CareerEdit

Mr. Kelton was a member of the Democratic Socialists Party of Sekowo, having joined in the first half of the parties second decade of the parties existence.

Mr. Kelton served a single term as the MP for the Pelias metropolitan district.

Mr. Kelton was a controversial member of the party do to his publically negative attitude towards the then Sekowan Communist Party.


Mr. Kelton died from a gunshot to the head.

Initially thought to be suicide, it was later found that he was murdered by Alexander Kaganovich who had considered him to be 'compromised' do to Mr. Kelton's brief internment during the Deltarian Diplomatic Crisis.

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