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Jonathan de Leuer
Jonathan de Leuer

Chairman of the Royal Democratic Party
In office
5 January 3180 – 3 August 3184
Preceded by
Succeeded by

Presidente de la Republica of Confederation of Dranland
In office
1 July 3181 – 1 September 3184

4 March 3137
Iglesia Mayor, Ulbrach
3 August 3184
Iglesia Mayor, Ulbrach
Political party
Anthoinette de Leuer
  • Eve de Leuer
  • Marco de Leuer
Iglesia Mayor, Ulbrach
Alma Mater
Dranian University, Iglesia Mayor, Ulbrach

Jonathan de Leuer was born in Iglesia Mayor as the third child of Peter and Jane de Leuer. He graduated from the Law in Dranian University in Iglesia Mayor.

He began his career in a small law company in Espaňola. From his youth he was a member of societies for the return of monarchy to the head of the country. Jonathan de Leuer was a member of the Movement for monarchy and had close contact with members of the royal family of Santiago.

He was married with Anthoinette and together they had two children.

In January 3180 he founded the Royal Democratic Party and because of the political crisis in the country he was given his side the lead country. He helped the King to power and consolidate democracy in the country.

In 3184 died in a traffic accident near Santa Sharika.

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