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Julius Raske-Zilberschlag und Cuijpers von Anderinch
Duke of Anderinch G-G

In office
September 2, 2851 – September 2nd, 2857
Preceded by
Succeeded by

Minister of Internal Affairs
In office
September 1, 2837 – April 5, 2852
Succeeded by

Minister of Trade and Industry
In office
April 1, 2824 – September 1, 2837
Succeeded by
Taro Hamasaki

2nd Duke of Anderinch
In office
March 19, 2807 – November 26, 2893
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Walter von Anderinch

November 4, 2778
November 26, 2893
Anderinch, Kuratha
Political party
Mathilde von Anderinch
Henrik, Otto, Katrina, Erwin, Agnes
Businessman, Politician

His Grace Julius Raske-Zilberschlag und Cuijpers von Anderinch, the Duke of Anderinch (Julius von Anderinch) was the 29th Governor-General and former Minister of Internal Affairs of Greater Hulstria. He has served in the cabinet continuously from 2824 until his retirement in 2857. He became leader of the Christian Liberals after the July 2851 resignation of Klara Schoonraad-Tsutano. During that campaign he pledged that he would run for the Governor-Generalship "at most twice, most likely once." In early 2854 he announced his intention to seek a second term. After leaving office he retired from politics and devoted himself to philanthropic work.

The Duke of Anderinch still had impact on Hulstrian politics late into his life. In 2874 he was instrumental in organizing the major parties to back Teresa Rothenberg as an non-partisan Governor-General candidate to replace the disastrous Friedrich Reding.

Julius became the Duke of Anderinch upon the death of his father, Sieuwerd Cuijpers. He was Duke for 86 years until his own death in 2893. He is succeeded as Duke of Anderinch by his grandson Walter, the eldest son of Henrik von Anderinch (died 2888). Julius was the great-great-grandson of Erwin Zilberschlag and the great-grandson of Anders Raske. From 2891 to the time of his death he held the distinction of being the oldest living Hulstrian male.

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