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Jurgen Marquering

In office
February 1, 2898 – April 2nd, 2928
Preceded by
Succeeded by

Assumed office 
June 4, 2912
Preceded by

Deputy Leader of the Christliche Liberalen Allianz
In office
February 4, 2992 – June 4, 2912
Preceded by
Succeeded by

Minister of Internal Affairs and Vizestaatsminister of Greater Hulstria
In office
March 1, 2894 – February 2, 2898
Preceded by
Klara Meinhardt (as Minister of Internal Affairs)
Succeeded by
Viktor Lochmann (as Minister of Internal Affairs)

May 3, 2846
Political party
Adrian Landvik-Marquering, Nadja Landvik-Marquering
Veilchen, Hilgar
Professor, Politician

Jurgen Marquering is the former the Staatsminister Greater Hulstria and President of the Christian Liberal Alliance. For twenty years he was the Deputy Leader of the CLA.

First elected to the Imperial Diet in 2889 and a member of the Hilgar Landtag since 2880, Marquering served as Chief Minister of Hilgar for nearly 8 years (2886-2894). Once he became Minister of Internal Affairs in 2894, he resigned as the crownland's leader. He was succeeded by his wife and fellow Landtag member, Flora Landvik. From 2894 to 2898 he was Minister of Internal Affairs and Vizestaatsminister.

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