Justice Party
Adalet Partisi
LeaderNafiz Morshalin
FounderNafiz Morshalin
FoundedSeptember 4793
HeadquartersMesul, Jakania
IdeologyModerate conservatism
Ahmadi Humanism
Pro Elected Representative
Political positionSocially : Centre Economically : Centre-left
Colours     Navy
Seats in the Assembly
104 / 300
District Governorships
2 / 5
District legislative seats
125 / 375
City mayoralties
5 / 20
Town, city and rural council seats
1,000 / 8,325
Election symbol

The Justice Party (Turjak: Adalet Partisi) is a political party in Jakania. The party was founded by Nafiz Morshalin, a self-described "moderate religious politician" with the stated aim of "ensuring the right to perform religion freely and openly". Morshalin was previously a member of the United Democratic Party but left following disputes with the party leadership over the issue of religion and its role in public life. In the wake of this decision, he founded the Justice Party.

Despite limited electoral success so far, the party has been described as "moderately conservative". In terms of specific political positions, they have expressed support for gay and lesbian rights and euthanasia. In the economic sphere they have expressed support private companies operating with government subsidies for basic services. In their most recent manifesto, the party adopted a strict pacifist stance and strict religious rules on issues like cannabis, blasphemy, the use of nuclear weapons and taxing of religious organisations.

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