Kalopian Rally
Καλοπιανός Συναγερμός
AbbreviationΚΣ (KS)
National SecretaryAlexandros Nestoriadis
FounderAlexandros Nestoriadis
Founded21 December 4775
HeadquartersHelios, Kithara, Kalopia
Student wingCoalition of Patriotic Students
Youth wingNational Youth Organization

Unofficial / Minority

  • Militarism
  • Falangism
  • Kalopian Irredentism
  • Third Position (minority)
Political positionRight-wing to Far-right
Colours     Gold
SloganΗ Καλοπία ανήκει στους Καλοπαίους
Kalopia belongs to Kalopians
AnthemΟι Τελευταίοι Πιστοί
The Last Faithful Ones
197 / 300
5 / 5
13 / 13
Party flag
The Kalopian Rally, (in Kalopian: Καλοπιανός Συναγερμός ), is a Kalopian political party and movement dedicated to the interests of the Kalopian majority. It is considered a union of patriotic and populist right-wing focres that protect the nation, traditional values, the Hosian faith and support every Kalopian working family.

The Kalopian Rally was founded in 4775 by Alexandros Nestoriadis, a former Colonel of the Armed Forces of Kalopia and engineer, after he saw the rising distancing of the government from the everyday Kalopian. It entered the Vouli in early 4776 with over 65% of the votes and 197 seats. They formed a supermajority, the Nestoriadis' Cabinet, the first nationalist one after decades in Kalopia.

History Edit

Founding Edit

The Kalopian Rally was founded as a political movement on the 21 December 4775 by the retired Colonel of the Kalopian Army Alexandros Nestoriadis, together with right-wing politicians of former patriotic parites and national movements. The movement registered to local and national elections on the 29 December 4775. At the time of its foundation, the Rally was seen a link for all Kalopians, those who wanted political change after decades of centrist and left-wing rule. It gained immediate popularity by uniting the political right, as well as the anti-establishment voters.

The movement held its first organized party congress in early January 4776, just weeks before the general election. During the meeting, it was decided that the National Secratary would be the leader of the Rally. Alexandros Nestoriadis, as 1st leader, created a leadership body called the Kalopian Rally National Committee. He also appointed deputy and regional leaders.

Entering the Vouli - 1st Kalopian Rally Government Edit

The party entered the Vouli after the election of January 4776, with 197 seats, or more than 65% of the vote. Thus it formed a majority governmnet, with now eelcted President Alexandros Nestoriadis, leading the Nestoriadis' Cabinet. It was the first nationalist one after decades of left-wing rule in Kalopia.

The first bill [1], the Kalopian Rally motioned was by President Alexandros Nestoriadis, was called National Reforms and aimed to promote socially conservative policies, as well as to reform the military. These policies were criticized by the Jakanian moderate left government [2], which saw it as an act of segregationism against national and religious minorities. These claims were denied by Kalopian government officials.

Party organization Edit

The party leader of the Kalopian Rally is the National Secretary (in Kalopian: Εθνικός Γραμματέας) or simply just Leader. The main executive body of the party is the Kalopian Rally National Committee (in Kalopian: Εθνική Επιτροπή Καλοπιανού Συναγερμού), which is led by the National Secretary.

Party Leaders
Name Portrait Term Age


Other major offices
National Secretary of the Kalopian Rally
1 Alexandros Nestoriadis
Alexandros Nestoriadis
4775 - present 55 - present President of the Republic

Electoral resultsEdit

Vouli electionsEdit

Date Votes Seats Status Size Regional Gvt. Coalitions National Secretary
#  % Total +/−
Kalopian Rally Alexandros Nestoriadis
4776 31,759,762 65.39
197 / 300
Increase197 Nestoriadis' Cabinet 1st
5 / 5

Presidential Elections Edit

Year Candidate 1st round 2nd round Result
Votes % +/- Votes %
4776 Alexandros Nestoriadis 32,239,095 64.97 New - - Won
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