Nation Zardugal

Kalvere City
Port Manio


Population 104,963,895
Area 206,400 km²
Workforce between 15 and 65 61.10%
Employment Workforce 91.87%
Seats in the National Directorate 138
Leading Party New Liberal Party

Kalvere is a state of the Federation of Zardugal.

Politics and GovernmentEdit

The government, which is based in Kalvere City, is split into the executive, legislative, and Judicial branches. Politically Kalvere is very liberal and on most issues is the most liberal of all the states. The Coburean population on the west side is partly the reason for this.


Most of the state is part of a mountain range which keeps it separated from most of Zardugal. The state is also the wettest state in the Federation except in the summer which is usually dry. The state has a red wood forest that covers the majority of the state. Most Kalverics live on the coast which is free from high altitudes and extreme weather.

Economic InformationEdit

Cities of KalvereEdit

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