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Kamaya Heavy Industries
Type Public
Industry Aerospace
Founded 4914
Founder Shiro Kamaya (鎌谷史郎)
Related people Saburo Kamaya (鎌谷三郎), CEO
Headquarters Nago, Seko
Products General aviation aircraft
Ship Building
Railroad cars
Gas turbines
Total assets Increase0.8 trillion Yen (4948)
Number of employees 33,572 (4948)

Kamaya Heavy Industries (KHI) (Kunikata/Sekowan:鎌谷重工株式会社; Kamaya Jūkō Kabushiki-Gaisha) is a global multinational corporation known for manufacturing aircraft, heavy machinery, aerospace and defense equipment, rolling stock, and ships. KHI also manufactures gas turbines, rocket engines, and other industrial products. The company is named after its founder, Shiro Kamaya, and its headquarters is located in Nago, Seko.

KHI is known as one of the major heavy industry and aircraft manufacturers in Seko, along with Jiraiya Heavy Industries, Hayashida Heavy Industries, and BI.