Kaoism, named after the first Grand Master of the Axis Mundi Zen Collective Shih Kao, is a ideology representing what some have called "compassionate socialism", "enlightened socialism" or "socialism with Buddhist characteristics".

Kaoism was adopted as the official ideology of the AMZC at the 25th Party Conference of 2282 and this also tied in with the formation of the Kaoist Congress of Keymon, a trans-political think tank.

As of the present day no other political party outside of the AMZC has officially adopted Kaoism as its ideology but many share the views of it.

The Three Ideological StancesEdit

1. Religious Freedom - Everyone has the right to practice there respective religions in safety and security, free from repression and tyranny. This does not correspond to religious interference in government policy nor to it correspond to putting one religion above another. Kaoists must work towards complete disestablishment of any form of state religion yet at the same time ensuring that religious institutions are not persecution. Therefore in this sense Kaoism reflects a devoutly centrist line, rejecting both theocratic and atheistic movements.

2. Economic Equality - All people are born equal and live equal in the eyes of the constant repetition of time. It is not correct for any government institution or poltical party to out the economic welfare of one group or one individual above that of others in society. On the contrary it is the role of the state to ensure that the factors of production are used to promote true equality and raise the economic situation of the lowest to the level of the highest. Kaosim rejects any ideas of laissez-faire economics or charity over wealth redistribution and instead promotes a strictly interventionist line arguing for nationalisation and mass welfare schemes. This should stretch from the urban towns to the rural villages and should ensure that noone is left behind.

3. Pacifism - Perhaps the most important idea of Kaoism, pacifism and respect for the sanctity of life is key to a sustainable and efficient society. War has never served the world any purpose but to kill and to destroy, therefore in this sense the statement of pacifism also correlates to the rejection of any form of imperialist or expansionist movements as they can only be accomplished through force. In the case of international disputes Kaoism puts diplomacy above all else and actively promotes the abolition of military establishments. Furthermore the Kaoist idea of pacifism also extends to placing life above all else and so sees the abolition of any form of death penalty as essential as well as promoting respect for the lives of other animals.

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