Kardinal Nephew

Papez coa
Coat of Arms of the Pápežský States
Tankréd z Borec
Assumed office: December 26, 3860
Office Active 3860 - Present
Term Length Varies
Appointer Pápež
Inaugural Holder Tankréd z Borec
Residence Apostolic Palace (Year round)

The Kardinal Nephew (Daralian: Kardinal Synovec) is a Kardinal elevated to the Kardinal by the Pápež from amongst his relatives, usually a nephew. Following the Pápežsky takeover of Deltaria in 3860, an office by that name was created, replacing the old office of 'Superintendent of the Ecclesiastical State'.

History Edit

Nepotism has always been a prime feature of the Church, particularly in Deltaria. The noble families at times have 'hereditary bishoprics' which are held by younger sons of the particular noble family. Some of the noble families themselves are considered to be 'Papezsky nobility' as their founders were ennobled by Papezes.

Papezes have almost always appointed a member of their family to assist them in the administration of the Church and the Holy Lands. The old office of the Superintendent of the Ecclesiastical State was nearly always held by a relative of the Papez.

Role Edit

The Kardinal Nephew is considered the leading minister in the Secretariat of State. His main duties involve running the Pápež's office, handling his correspondence and advising on patronage appointments etc. He has a very important ceremonial role and is second in the order of precedence in the Pápežsky States.

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