Kathuran Resistance League
Leader Haere Rangi
Founded Sept. 2259
Headquarters New Uthena, Uthena Prefecture
Political Ideology Indigenous rights, socialism
Political Position Left-wing
Primary International Affiliation Socialist International
Secondary International Affliations N/A
Colours Celadon, dark blue

The Kathuran Resistance League was an indigenous insurgent and political organization in the Democratic Republic of Barmenistan. Its goal was the establishment of a Majatran state controlled by the indigenous Kathuran inhabitants. Alongside ethnic independence, the KRL promoted a socialist system and grassroots democracy. It contained both a political wing and the 'Insurgent Tendency', a rural insurgent army.


The party was formed in September 2259, when a group of indigenous rights organizations decided to band together and enter the political arena. The coalition ranged from moderates to communists, but at the organization's first conference in October of that year, it was agreed that a radical socialist ideology would be followed as the party's line. Haere Rangi, a well known tribal leader, was elected as the head of the newly-formed KRL.

At the same time, the most radical branch of the KRL decided that a revolutionary army would be the only means by which the indigenous people could gain their rights. The Insurgent Tendency was formed early in the party's history, and although they did not always operate together, both parts of the organization recognizes each other as legitimate representatives of Kathuran rights. The KRL-IT followed the tactics of 'prolonged people's war': rural peasant rebellion and insurgent tactics against military forces.


The KRL believed that an anti-imperialist line was necessary to maintain indigenous independence. The party supported a nationalist doctrine, but only in the context of Kathuran control. It opposed any moves toward nationalism or expansionism by Jelbic-ruled Barmenistan.

The party also supported socialism and, in the case of many members, full-scale communism (with indigenous aspects). Economic reforms, especially in the area of land distribution and farming subsidies, were a major part of the KRL's ideology.

Many religious, racial, and educational separatist aspects were also present in the KRL's manifesto. Most members were members of the Barmenian Apostolic Church. As such, respect for elders and deceased family members was of great importance to indigenous tribesmen. Due to the wide rift between these beliefs and those of dominant Ahmadism (as well as language differences), the KRL supported a racially segregated education system.

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