The Bible and Crown Defenders is the oldest political movement in Luthori and pre-dates the Holy Empire and the Imperial Commonwealth before that, and was responsible for the formation of both. Other significant achievements include the establishment of the monarchy and the Church of Luthori.

The party moderates the leadership of the Christian League and most members are active churchgoers in evangelical protestant churches.

The party also plays a leadership role in various international organizations, including the International Monarchist League and the Orange Order.

The Democratic Unionist Party was founded by the Reverend and Right Honorable Doctor Ian Paisley in 2089. In 2107 the party received the largest democratic mandate ever recorded in Luthori at that time, obtaining some 40% of the popular vote and became the second most popular party in the world at that time. After the 2168 elections and subsequent civil war the DUP abandoned politics becoming the Unionist Defence Association (UDA). After the Luthori Civil War and the 2174 elections the organisation returned to politics, under the leadership of decorated war hero Brigadier Joshua Tetley. Under Tetley's leadership the party become more moderate and returned to popularity, gaining a 70% majority in 2250.

Affiliated the the Royal Houses of Yodukan and Orange the party remains extremely Protestant, Unionist and Loyalist but is moderate in other political matters.

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