Kazulian Intelligence Agency
Kazulianisk Etterretningstjeneste
Logo of the Central Committee for Intelligence and Special Operations
Agency overview
FormedApril 11th, 4143
Annual budgetClassified.
Agency executive
  • Hildur Ingebretson (as of 4620), Director

The Kazulian Intelligence Service (KIS) (Kazulianisk: Kazulianisk Etterretningstjeneste, abbreviated K-Etterretningstjeneste) is the primary intelligence agency tasked with collecting, processing and analysing national security threats across the world through the use of a series of intelligence gathering disciplines. Similar to the Police Security Directorate and the Defence Security and Intelligence Organisation, the Kazulian Intelligence Service is a member of the Kazulian intelligence community and its director reports to the Minister of Defence and the Prime Minister.

The priority roles of KIS are counter-terrorism, counter-proliferation, providing intelligence in support of cyber security, and supporting stability overseas to disrupt terrorism and other national security threats. Similar to the Police Security Directorate and the Government Communications Centre, KIS works exclusively in foreign intelligence gathering; the Foreign Intelligence Act allows it to carry out operations outside of Kazulia.

Operations Edit

Jelbania:- Operation Sweeping Storm was an operation launched by the SESO in Jelbania aimed at systematically destabilising the nation, attempting to force it out of the Majatran Revolutionary Socialist Federation (MRSF). The operation was aimed around assassinating various members of the Jelbanian government, sending the nation into a state of political unrest.

Xsampa:- Operation Tropical Surge was an operation launched by the SESO in Xsampa. Operation Tropical Surge is centred the destabilisation of the Kingdom of Xsampa under the rule of Wu Puyang, after the capture, torture and subsequently murder of a military intelligence reconnaissance team sent to the nation to conduct reconnaissance of Wu Puyang's Royal Army and private military forces.

Operation Trade Winds was a joint operation launched by the SESO and HSIS in Xsampa. Operations Trade Winds was centred around bringing down the Puyang regime in Xsampa after the "failure" of Operation Tropical Surge.

Branches Edit

  • Department of Research and Analysis

Responsible for assisting policy makers make informed decisions on national security via analysing available intelligence and organising policy to act as either a response or a preventative action.

  • Department of General Operations

Responsible for collecting foreign intelligence and conducting covert action in foreign nations. Primarily responsible for human intelligence operations, the Department of General Operations is the most important department of the Kazulian Intelligence Service.

  • Department of Cybernetic Support

Responsible for accelerating cybernetic research and technology within the Kazulian Intelligence Service through SIGNIT. Aside from the Government Communications Centre, the Department of Cybernetic Support is responsible for responding the cybernetic threats waged against both the Kazulian Intelligence Service and Kazulia as a whole and often works alongside the Government Communications Centre.

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