Administrative status
Population 600,250
Region Ylrith
Nation Cildania

Kbira is the third largest city in Ylrith Province of Cildania it has a population of 600,250 and covers an area of around 100 sq km. It is actually built along the banks of the river Rhannu as it emerges from the Kilyandra hills and is divided into two halves facing each other from opposing hills. The centrepiece of the city is a magnificant granite bridge dating back to the seventeenth century.

A Complex City[edit | edit source]

Kbira is the city at the heart of the Confederation of Autonomous Communities and hosts it's annual conference. The city is subdivided into dozens of parishes some of which are affiliated to the municipal council and elect councilors to it, others are affiliated to the C.A.C. and pay for and receive services from them instead. The autonomous parishes are run by the popular assemblies made up of all adult residents.

This division of the city can be chaotic, but it seems to work and most of the population rub along fine, it has one of the lowest crime rates of any large city in Cildania.

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